What People Look Like After 1, 2 and 3 Glasses of Wine (And What About Kristen Stewart?)

what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-fb

Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti‘s Wine Project portrait series features the artist’s friends after giving him increasing amounts of wine. Now, giving your friends increasing amounts of wine is a cool thing to do, but photographing them is another thing… anyway, they’ll only find out the day after and arguably the Wine Project was Marcos’ only way of checking whether or not the following saying was true:

‘The first glass of wine is all about the food, the second glass is about love, and the third glass is about mayhem.’

Here are our favorite goes at the experiment. And at the end of the post you can even find out how this all relates to Kristen Stewart…

what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-1 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-2 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-3 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-4 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-5 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-6 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-7 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-8 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-9 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-10 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-11 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-12 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-13 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-14 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-15 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-16 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-17 what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-18

We found the following 2 hilarious comments on the project on Petapixel:

what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-ks what-people-look-like-after-1- 2-and-3-glasses-of-wine-ks2

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