The Word as Image

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In his amazting “Word As Image” project Ji Lee transforms letters so that they go beyond their utilitarian dullness and convey their meaning not only semantically, but visually too. He argues that we all had the ability to see words like that at one point in our lives, but we lost that ability as we grew up:

“When we were children, letters were like fun toys. We played with them through our building blocks. We colored them in books. We danced and sang along with TV puppets while learning C was for “cookie”. Soon, letters turned into words. Words turned into sentences. Sentences turned into thoughts. And along the way, we stopped playing with them and stopped marveling at A through Z.”

The good news is there are catchers in the rye.

words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-1 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-2 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-3 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-4 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-5 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-6 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-6b words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-7 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-8 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-9 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-10 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-11 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-12 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-13 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-14 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-15 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-16 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-17 words-as-logos- with-hidden-meanings-18

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