The Walking House


Well, here is ‘roadhouse’ redefined for you. Except that this one can walk on all terrains. Designed by art collective N55 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the 10 foot high house is solar and wind-powered, and sports a living room, bed, toilet, kitchen, and wood stove. Judging by the pictures below, a nice crowd (the art collective) has attracted a nice crowd with this nice innovation that, by the way, just walks away from any natural disaster that might appear on the horizon (check out its first steps in video below images).

 the-walking-house-n55-2 the-walking-house-n55-2b the-walking-house-n55-3 the-walking-house-n55-4 the-walking-house-n55-5 the-walking-house-n55-6 the-walking-house-n55-7 the-walking-house-n55-8 the-walking-house-n55-9 the-walking-house-n55-10 the-walking-house-n55-11 the-walking-house-n55-12 the-walking-house-n55-13 the-walking-house-n55-13b the-walking-house-n55-14 the-walking-house-n55-15 the-walking-house-n55-17 the-walking-house-n55-18 the-walking-house-n55-19 the-walking-house-n55-20 the-walking-house-n55-20b the-walking-house-n55-20c the-walking-house-n55-21 the-walking-house-n55-22 the-walking-house-n55-23


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