The United States Ranked by Yard Size

This interesting infographic by Home Advisor shows average yard space in the different states. Hey USA, Vermont rulez!


  1. […] This is a rough draft for earning a Backyard Shenanigans badge. You will need a yard to do these activities – yours, a neighbor’s, a family member’s, a friend’s. Some of these activities can be done in a public park, but do be aware that if you do them in a public space, you will likely have to reserve the space in advance and pay a use fee. This varies by city and state so the onus is on you to find out.The average backyard size throughout the US is 10,000 square feet. This does not include the land holding the house or the front lawn and drive, just the back yard. In Vermont, the average lawn size is 73,000 square feet, where in Nevada, the state with the smallest lawns, that backyard is 4,000 square feet. Therefore, the activities are designed to fit into 3,000 square feet unless otherwise noted.  ( […]


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