The Mozert of Underwater Photography

06 Aug 1954, Silver Springs, Florida, USA --- Original caption: Next time your camera drops in the water, dive in after it and start snapping. Some wonderful pictures can be made underwater- if your camera is leakproof and you know the tricks of filming the fishes. At Silver Springs, Florida, where the water is ideal for submarine photography, Bruce Mozert, who's been an underwater shutterbug for 16 years, recently conducted a class in the art for a few friends. Multicolored fish and water plants, lighted dramatically by refracted rays from the sun, turned the underwater "classroom" into a shimmering world of beauty which the students were delighted to capture on film. United Press Staff Photographer Joe Schuppe took the plunge also and made these fish-eye views of the students learning frogman photography. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Here are some amazing photographs by Bruce Mozert, who was a leading pioneer of underwater photography. The guy shot models in everyday scenarios under water, and shot to fame in 1938 when he invented the first underwater camera case. But how did those guys hold their breath for so long?

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