The Maturity Climb

A nice visualization of how, we, goats are climbing up the ladder from viruscomix (click for full size).



  1. Mom; I have passed the test Velma says girls want, now I know what a girl will do before she does it! But fourth grade girls make me feel, more mature then the class. Why don’t girls like me? “Because; you are self sufficient, Eric.” So working is a girls long, lost dream. And men do not like the work, she’ll need some one else in her life! Example; a workaholic…
    Fighting, instead of time, energy, and understanding to solve a problem.
    Interaction between men and women, cannot be happy! With me, the relationship is great, growth ordinate, and entertaining. But the relationship is always cut short, at my expense. Toni Harris, 1975; and Judy Kelly, 1995. Are one year older, but the difference is superficial, the measure, is a state of mind. I am unliked as a man… Eric P Campbell 01/26/1962


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