The Life of American Vagabonds


I remembered this photo story about the life of American train hoppers circulating on the Internet around ten years ago, and thought I should include it in this blog (in the true hope that these guys are still alive). According to Supercraycray, the story behind the photos was this:

In 2003, Mike Brodie was a regular 18-year-old living in Pensacola, Florida where he worked part-time at a grocery store. Wanting to visit a friend in Jacksonville, Brodie accidentally hopped a train going the wrong direction and landed himself several hundred miles from his destination. This odd circumstance is what sparked a fantastic adventure as he traveled throughout the United States with a group of vagabonds, documenting it with his Polaroid SX-70 camera.

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  1. I want to join you guys, I want to be there. I’ve always wanted to to that, backpacking and traveling. Please text me or something!! I’m 100% down


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