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The World According to Donald Trump

This is a very unpolitical blog by nature, but I couldn't not post this, hahaha. (Click to enlarge)

8-Bit Computer Collectible Trump Cards

These trump cards are wild cards.

8-Bit Computer Collectible Trump Cards

The trump cards game that pits server CPUs against each other probably remains the geekiest card game around, but how about a round of these Retro Computer Collectible Cards, which gather the various personal computers of the 70s and 80s into a trumps deck that you can play with other retro computing fans. Retro Computer Collectible Cards started as a Kickstarter campaign...

Turn Donald Duck Upside Down and You Get Another Donald

Haha, did you know that if you turn Donald Duck upside down, you get Donald Trump? Check out the GIF version of this excellent observation by B3ta too:
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