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Baby Girl With Down Syndrome Gets Adopted By Single Dad After Being Rejected By 20 Families

The 20 potential adoptive families that rejected her all missed her charm.

Guess What This Is

Weird things can happen while taking a stroll along the lakeside...

Guess What This Is

You walk along the lakeside and see ball bouncing around kind of strange in the lake. You go to investigate and see this. What do you do? Well, this was the exact scenario that Bill Driver from Wichita, KS, stumbled upon while taking a stroll on a sunny afternoon. When he had a closer look at the thing, it turned...

Best Business Card Ever

How to be seen these days.

Best Business Card Ever

If you want your business card to be seen.

Why a Dollar is Called a ‘Buck’

This story is worth a buck or two.

Why a Dollar is Called a ‘Buck’

Wow, Michigan people used to be sooooo wealthy...

Faith On Two Legs

Meet Faith, a dog with no front legs that has learned to walk on its hind legs. Together with a hostess she used to travel to U.S. military hospitals, demonstrating that even a dog with disability can live a full life. Faith is not the only dog who has mastered the art of walking on two legs. Cute and...

Went Deer Fishing in Alaska

That boat was deer to them. (Read full story below) Tom Satre was fishing on his his 62-foot charter vessel n Alaska when he saw 4 deer swimming towards his boat. He slowed the boat and began to watch the group of four juvenile Sitka black-tailed deer. "They swam right toward the boat," he said. "Then, they started to circle the...

The Boy and the Bear

This will leave you dumbfounded.
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