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China’s Totalitarian Social Credit System Explained

The most ambitious experience in digital social control ever undertaken. It's scary as hell.

Social Media in Real Life

Social media reenacted in real life for you to draw the conclusions.

Don’t Measure a Woman’s Worth by Her Clothes

I guess men are judged by their clothes too, but the scale has less extremes.

Hobo Facebook

Free advertising on Facebook. (BTW we are on Facebook too)

Just Delete Me

Just today I got so screwed up trying to synchronize posting between this blog and Facebook's Open Graph Protocol that I was considering something like this. Anyway, let's see if it works now and whether I should finally stay on.

Vintage Social Media Ads

From the days before it all started... BTW we are on Facebook (too)!

Social Media Explained

Great one minute guide to the world of social media. You will pee yourself.
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