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The World From Above

Look up, earthlings.

The World From Above

Hey, this is how you earthlings look from above. Whenever I come here on a mission from my native Planet Anchor, this is the sight that awaits me. In 1879 a fellow ufonaut called Charles Sanders Peirce developed a conformal map projection of this magnificient site, with the distinctive property that it can be tiled ad infinitum on the plane,...

How The Population of North America Fits Into Europe

Based on this popular post around the idea of how you can fit the population of the United States into various countries, this map created by reddit user Tom1099 shows the Entire North American population projected onto Europe. Over-whelming, ain't it?

The Battle Fronts of Europe Projected Onto the US

WWI battle fronts  ̶i̶n̶  on the US.
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