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Rains on Different Worlds

I'll take you to where it rains diamonds.

Rains on Different Worlds

If you behave yourselves earthlings, I'll take you to a planet where it rains diamonds. Then you'll be able to collect as much as you want, even though they will be completely worthless already. But you'll have a bunch of beautiful glass balls to take back to your Planet Earth.

Who Has Been Where in the Solar System

Here is a detailed treatment of how far you humans have infiltrated space. Considering what you have done to your native planet, I'm not sure whether this is good or bad news. via BBC

Amazing Planets of Bacteria

This one was taken in a women’s toilet late in the night. Man, what would the men’s toilet look like?

All (Known) Bodies in Our Solar System

Celestial bodies in our solar system by size.

Have They Found a New Planet?

The latest planetary news that are very much related to carrots, and thus are an organic follow up to the previous post.


I think I know everything about Europa now.
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