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What’s Across the Ocean from the East Coast of North America

Ever wondered what's across the Atlantic from New York City, for example? I would have guessed London, but apparently it's Madrid, which is much further down south.

Detailed Floor Maps of the World’s Oceans

Earthlings, this is what I see when I look through your oceans from my spacecraft. Oh, I love that view..

World Ocean Floor Map

What the ocean floor actually looks like.

World Ocean Floor Map

Heinrich Caesar Berann, the father of the modern cartographic panorama painted the first in a series of plan oblique physiographic maps of the ocean floor for Marie Tharp and Bruce Heezan in 1967. Their collaboration culminated in the 1977 World Ocean Floor Map, which revolutionized the theories of plate tectonics and continental drift (click to enlarge).

What’s Across the Ocean

This map shows the countries that are due East and West from points along the coasts of the Americas.
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