Results of the Nearby Galaxies Survey

Will you find my galaxy, the Sombrero?

Results of the Nearby Galaxies Survey

The Spitzer Space Telescope (which I admit I have never heard of) have come up with this collection of images to characterize the infrared properties of a wide range of galaxy types (click to enlarge). As far as I can see earthlings, it's the type of spritzer, I mean spiral, that makes those galaxies disctinct.

New World Map by NASA Shows Aerosol Components in the Atmosphere

Wherever we go, we are surrounded by tiny particles suspended in the air, known as aerosols. NASA recently published this (literally) breathtaking map of what's going on across Planet Earth's atmosphere in terms of aerosols, as seen on August 23, 2018. The purple, blue and red are representations of different kinds of aerosols in the atmosphere, as explained in...

NASA Plan to Put People in Space Colonies

A fascinating look at some proposed space colonies, including the Stanford Torus designed by NASA. You should definitely do this, earthlings, before you nuke North Korea. (Read more interesting facts about the torus below the infographic). The (Stanford) torus is a doughnut-shaped ring that is 1.8 km in diameter (for the proposed 10,000 person habitat described in the 1975 Summer Study)...

How Green Planet Earth Really Is

I admit that the results of this project by NASA/NOAA have surprised me. Planet Earth is much greener than I would have expected... According to 2012-2013 data from the VIIRS sensor aboard the NASA/NOAA Suomi NPP satellite (and my own obsevations from my spaceship), your planet earthlings has much more vegetation than you would have probably thought. Although 75% of it...

The Voyagers’ Golden Records, Earth’s Message to Aliens

Your message humans to us aliens. It's OK but you could have included a little bit of Black Sabbath.

Earthrise 2015

You have to see this before the year ends.
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