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Worst Halloween Kid Costumes Ever

Some parents are just too weird.

My First Rifle: Kids With Guns in the USA

Back in 2014, photographer An-Sofie Kesteleyn came across a story about a 5-year-old boy in rural Southern Kentucky who accidentally shot and killed his 2-year-old sister while playing with his gun. Yes, his gun. A small rifle manufactured specifically for children, in hot pink, orange, royal blue or multicolor swirls and advertised with the slogan “My First Rifle.” Knowing little about firearms or American gun culture, An-Sofie,...

Parents Create Funny Scenes With Toy Dinosaurs While Their Kids Are Asleep

This is what creative parenting is about. The bondage scene is gross though. I wouldn't want to wake up to that if I was a child...

Children’s Monster Doodles Recreated by Professional Artists

All heavy, if not all metal. Anyway, this guy is heavy metal.

Biking With 3 Kids in Amsterdam

Apparently, it's a thing in Amsterdam.

Kid-Polished Chicken Nails

I couldn't help but share.

Meat Babies

Baby meat. Eat?

Kids Today Will Never Know the Struggle

To make thing things worse, I was only longing for that Gameboy.
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