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These Viral Visual Explanations Are Spreading Information About COVID-19 Extremely Effectively

Excellent visual explanations about COVID-19, including how to tell apart the symptoms from other diseases.

Amazing Illustrations of Life on Mars

Here's what a human Martian base could look like.

Vintage Cutaway Illustrations of How Different Industries Work

These vintage cutaways show you how everything was made a while back.

A Day in the Life of a Russian Bench

There is an animated version too.

This is What Would Happen if You Actually Had a Dinosaur

Would you like to keep a dinosaur as a pet? Who knows, with this cloning stuff and all, it could soon become reality. Thanks to illustrator John Conway, here's what you can expect.

Actual Anatomy of the Sarlacc Pit

I've always tried to stay out of this thing.

Actual Anatomy of the Sarlacc Pit

Scientific analysis has answered questions about many lifeforms in the galaxy, but some creatures continue to defy analysis. Or no? No. Now we even have Sarlacc from Star Wars analyzed.
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