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Funny Graffiti Animation in the Toilet

Ufonaut Benyo must have visited the toilet at a very funny location.

Sirens of the Lambs

Am I giving up eating meat (again)?

(All) The Best from Banksy (50 Pics)

We have published quite a few posts on street art but nothing from Banksy… yet.

The Longest Graffiti Ever?

And this is just a small section of it.

Stunning 3D Graffiti by Portuguese Street Artist

An extremely talented street artist based in Portugal creates incredible floating 3D paintings.

Cool Street Art from UK

Great moddings on Weston-super-Mare by JPS, one of its inhabitants.

Cool Street Art From Hungary

I am aware this photo does not necessarily qualify as street art, but I had to include it in this...

Cool Street Art From Spain

This Spanish guy takes the Rolling Stones seriously. He paints it black.

Cool Street Art From Paris

 Would like to see people's reactions to this.

Moss Graffiti

Yeah, for real.

Cool Street Art & Inventive Urban Art

This follows from the previous post organically.


The new hype in graffiti. Here you can watch a video on how it is done.
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