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The Art of Environment Modding

Make it a maze in (your rear bumper and everything).

The Art of Environment Modding

In case of a boring environment, modify it.

Best of the World’s sTREEt Art

Banksy's classic and other excellent wall treetments.

Best of the World’s sTREEt Art

City walls with a hint of nature on or behind them have inspired a lot of street artists, and as the pictures below attest, some of the results are awesome. Our favorite is of course Banksy's classic, with all its humor and simplicity, but there are a lot of other wall treetments in the premier league too.

History of Banksy’s Graffiti Art

The story behind some of Banksy's most iconic pieces.

Street Artist Makes Graffiti Legible

Imagine you are a tagger and someone deciphers your name...

Elderly Street Artists Slay Age Stereotypes

Your grandma's out there while you're watching Youtube.

Cool Street Art from Paris by Oak Oak, Part 2

Oak Oak is back and we love it. See Paris tweaked (again).

World’s Largest Eco Graffiti Was Made Using Water

A neat idea and a professional implementation.

Two-Country Mural to Highlight Immigration Issues

'In' in one country, 'out' in another.

The Curious Frontier of Red

Hilarious exchange between a graffiti artist and the graffiti removal guys.

Greek Crisis Street Art

Greek street artists are in pain too.
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