Tag: flying

Amazing House Kites by Laurent Chéhère

 ...and other kites, like tent kites and trailer kites...

Flying Versions of Modern Cars

This one reminds me of the Millennium Falcon. The rest is unstoppably cool too.

Woodpecker Flying with Weasel on Its Back

This was shot by a lucky guy in Essex yesterday.

The Wingbeats of 5 Different Flying Species Animated

A beautiful animated gif that will make you fly.

World’s First Wingsuit Base Jumping Dog

Seems like the little guy is used to it. I would shit myself (despite having done paragliding).

Every airplane that is flying in the world right now

The title (and the amount of planes over each continent) says it all.

Real Eagle Eye

Someone strapped a camera on the back of an eagle. The footage is breathtaking, but wouldn't this count as animal abuse?
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