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What the Biggest Electronic Acts Use to Play Live

I mean as regards to 'instruments'. Haha, back in the old days a proper live act was all about analogue shit, but look what we have now. Macbook Pros. A lot of them. And some other weird looking stuff too:)

Electronic Music Genres and How They Are Linked

Wow, a lot has happened since the beginning, when there was acid...

Star Wars: Imperial March (on Eight Floppy Drives)

The reason why I still have my old floppy drives (somewhere).

The Evolution of Electronic Music

Yeah, what the f*ck happened so that all this came to life?

Top 100 DJs of 2014 (and of 2013)

I know only a few of these guys and that can mean two things: a) I am too old, b) I am too underground.

Cymatics: Science vs. Music

"All of the experiments in this video are real."

The Guide to Electronic Music

I’m not sure when this was made but it does ring a bell (and here is a very detailed chart to go with it).

Phangan Sunset Swallows

As a follow up to the "Do nothing for 2 minutes" post, this time you can chill out for no less than 5 minutes to this cool new dub by my old pal Kalumet, the best psychedelic dj/artist on the entire planet. He hallucinated the whole thing while in Thailand, and the end result is accordingly phenomenal. So take...
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