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Vintage Map Shows Dog Breeds of the World in 1936

Some of the specimens depicted here differ quite a bit from their modern counterparts.

A Guide To Dog-To-Dog Greetings

This can come in very handy when taking your dog for a walk.

How Not to Greet a Dog

Have I done it wrong...

How Not to Greet a Dog

I've always loved dogs but I've always done it wrong... Thanks Lili Chin for the heads up (hands down).

A Dog’s Idea of the Ideal Country Estate

We'e getting there, my dear dog, aren't we?

The Turnspit Dog: Kitchen Gadget of the 1600s

Wonder what that poor dog is doing in that hamster wheel in the picture below? Well, the hot, smoky kitchens of 17th-century Europe had a lot of things besides the large open fire and the iron roasting spit that would surprise you today. Yes, those kitchens had a giant hamster wheel-like contraption holding a small, live, constantly running dog. For hundreds...

Pet Friendly and Not So Pet Friendly Plants

Plant matter that matters to your pet.
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