Tag: creepy

Toy Anatomy

Our favorite toys dissected.

Eyeball Tattoos: The New Trend

Here’s how to become an alien on your own planet.

Barbie Gum Machine

Yes, for real. A bubble gum machine with Barbie heads.

The Creepiest Places on Earth

Places not to be visited on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

Guide to Your Afterlife

There is an afterlife, even for dead Facebook users (see last but one post below).

Weird Taxidermy from Victorian Times

Huhh, this is creepy as hell. These images come from Walter Potter (1835-1918) who was an amateur taxidermist and built tableaux that became icons of Victorian whimsy. A new book by historian of taxidermy Dr Pat Morris and New York-based artist and curator Joanna Ebenstein seeks to celebrate the now-dispersed collection with new photos of his best-loved works. For...

Creepy Wikipedia Articles

Yupp, these articles will give you a solid creepy feeling 136 times.

Lights of the Forest

Great design, but this chandelier is not to be turned on while on LSD.
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