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What the World Looked Like When Jesus Christ Was Crucified

Now let's not discuss whether he was really crucified or whether he lived at all. If that bothers you, how about: 'when the Mediterranean was just a big lake in the middle of the country?', as one commenter on Reddit put it (click image to enlarge).

The Last Time Each European Country Was Occupied

A lot of reservations about this map. Hungary was still occupied by the USSR after '56. Still, an interesting idea for a map. via Reddit

Map of Africa with Ethnic Boundaries

Africa without colonization basically.

Map of Africa with Ethnic Boundaries

In 1959, the renowned American anthropologist, George Murdock, published “Africa: Its peoples and their culture history.” Despite having little experience in Africa, Murdock used available resources to create a comprehensive picture of the distribution of ethnic groups throughout Africa. When you look at this map (click to enlarge), you cannot help think whether leaving those boundaries where they were and...

Heaven and Hell Defined

Seen in no idea which country. Spain perhaps?

Heaven and Hell Defined

Wait till you see hell...

Here’s Who Actually Won The Last Football World Cup

Wow, I thought Germany won the last football world cup, but hell, no... I mean look at this.

Maps of Continents and Countries Made of Their Iconic Foods

I think I'm hungry. I need my country's most iconic foods.

Sovereign States in Europe After Christ

How the crazy thing called state appeared in Europe.
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