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Street Network Orientation of Major Cities

City street networks from most-ordered/gridded (Chicago) to most-disordered (Charlotte).

World’s First Climate-Controlled Neighborhood Is Set to Be Built In Dubai

Could every major city in the world be like that by the end of the century?

World’s First Climate-Controlled Neighborhood Is Set to Be Built In Dubai

The world's first indoor, climate-controlled neighborhood is set to be built in Dubai - where else? The Mall of the World project envisions a fully air conditioned city, comprising more than 4,500,000 square metres (48 million square feet). The original plan includes eight million square feet of shopping areas, the largest indoor game park in the world with a...

What People Think About Your City

How much your city is cool/not cool.

What People Think About Your City

Here's a map of the most common Google searches for each city in the USA. I don't even dare to search what people think about my place, Budapest, Georgia (click to enlarge map).

What the Ideal City Would Have Looked Like in the 50s

Wow, here's how the ideal city, put together of the best parts of other great cities, would have probably looked like in 1951 (click to enlarge and read more below). Mid-20th century British illustrator Ronald Lampitt drew this map for the Illustrated Magazine of 17 February 1951, based on a proposal by John Sleigh Pudney (1909-1977), a prolific British journalist and writer,...

New York City Population Day & Night

Life and afterlife in the Big Apple.

Wonders of New York in the 50’s

Zoom in on the wonders of NYC in the 1950's. Anybody remembers any of this?
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