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Beer Can Wifi Booster

Finally, a use for those beer cans.

Brewed With Love or How Beer Makes You Pregnant

If such a thing as a honest ad exists, then this is certainly it.

It’s Like a Hot Tub, Except Filled with Beer

This could be the only reasonable use for hot beer.

Vintage Russian Beer Advertisements 1880-1915

Beer advertisements from pre-Soviet times, when there was still beer.

Robotic Beer Holder

This one hits hard.

Beer Labels Come to Life

You don't need to drink 10 beers for these beer labels to come to life.

Vintage Beer Cans

As a one-time collector of beer cans (everybody used to collect them when I was a child), I can declare that I never managed to get any really old stuff like this.

5 Cool Infographics About Beer

Everything you always wanted to know about beer (like the exact amount that disappears in facial hair, for example). Plus, if you are a man, you can prove to your wife that beer is indeed extremely healthy!

The World’s Strongest Beers

Well, this is not supposed to be a cruel beer, and yet...

The Very Many Varieties of Beer

This is a must have for all households.
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