Some Life Hacks That May be of Your Interest: Part 2

I know it is tricky to start the post with this one, but here it goes anyway. Nevertheless, I suggest that you experiment with the real thing and save the jalapeno for consumption (that is, eating).

life_hacks_2_210814_1 life_hacks_2_210814_2 life_hacks_2_210814_3 life_hacks_2_210814_4 life_hacks_2_210814_5 life_hacks_2_210814_6 life_hacks_2_210814_7 life_hacks_2_210814_8 life_hacks_2_210814_9 life_hacks_2_210814_10 life_hacks_2_210814_11 life_hacks_2_210814_12 life_hacks_2_210814_13 life_hacks_2_210814_14 life_hacks_2_210814_15 life_hacks_2_210814_16 life_hacks_2_210814_17 life_hacks_2_210814_18 life_hacks_2_210814_19 life_hacks_2_210814_20


  1. I love the “Are you horny? Try a jalapeno.” Wonder if I can get one of my roommates to try that? Not that I would want to watch, of course.

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