Russia Wants Bulgarians to Stop Painting Soviet Monuments To Look Like American Superheroes

According to a report by the Moscow Times, pranksters in Bulgaria are repainting Soviet-era monuments so that Soviet military heroes look like American Superheroes. Needless to say, the Russians are not too happy about it:

Russia is demanding that Bulgaria try harder to prevent vandalism of Soviet monuments, after yet another monument to Soviet troops in Sofia was spray-painted, ITAR-Tass reported.

The Russian Embassy in Bulgaria has issued a note demanding that its former Soviet-era ally clean up the monument in Sofia’s Lozenets district, identify and punish those responsible, and take “exhaustive measures” to prevent similar attacks in the future, the news agency reported Monday.

The monument was sprayed with red paint on the eve of the Bulgarian Socialist Party’s celebration of its 123rd anniversary, the Sofia-based Novinite news agency reported.

The vandalism was the latest in a series of similar recent incidents in Bulgaria — each drawing angry criticism from Moscow…


  1. I live in Ukraine, the so-called decommunization took place, the monuments were removed, the streets were renamed. Each country is now revising the history of the Soviet period. But these monuments to the fallen heroes of Bulgaria and only the inhabitants of this country can decide how they should look.

  2. Good on them. Do people have any idea how much murdering raping pissing crapping spraypainting drug running kidnapping etc Russians have done to countries like Bulgaria. A little dirt in the eye is nothing in comparison to all the damage Russians have done and continue to do with their hard shaved heads and sweat suits + dressshoes. Oh, are their feelings hurt? Oh, my Lenin, so sorry. Shut up. Give back the Ukraine you stole, and get your dirty uneducated thugs out of former ss republics, and we’ll stop defacing your ovebearing lame ‘historical’ monuments. More like lame brainwashed propoganda. Keep up the good work Bulgaria. I’m sending some paint to the highschools this weekend! Seriously, got addresses and boxes and paint cans and even some baklavas! Cheers!

    • And you think America is guiltless? Implied , im just wondering. Russia sucks balls for several reasons but every reason you gave america does same.

  3. Brilliant! Hurts no one, except thin skinned, control freak dictators. Finally some color add to those sad remains of a failed Union. Good riddance…..unless, of course, they keep this last artistic surprise.

  4. Ken,

    Bill O here. Please send your email so I can send photos otherwise I will have to wait for one of my sons to come round to show me. Thanks

  5. I think it’s awful. Imagine it happening in the UK to the memorial for Bomber command, or in Washington at the Iwo Jima memorial, or in Ireland to the memorials to the Freedom fighters. It’s nothing short of vandalism. It’s done by people with no respect for history regardless of what side they were on ☹️

    • If they like those monuments to oppression, britality, and murder, so much they should take them back to Russia – where dictatorships and corruption seem to be admired…

      • Exactly! Soviet Russia declared war to Bulgaria on the eve of the end of WW2 and occupied the country for over 40 years. Feel free to take the monuments back.

    • How is it “horrible”. It’s a free country who are now anti-communist. Do you have any clue what these Soviets did?? No difference than confederate KKK crap being toppled in our country.

    • The HUGE difference here is that these monuments were NOT erected by Bulgaria or Bulgarian Nationalists. There were erected by a FOREIGN power that crushed Bulgarian independence for decades.

      • Yeah…let’s see…they were erected by a country that wasn’t the United States, by a country that crushed african-american independence for decades. The differences are trivial, not huge.

    • I don’t think you understand the hated he people have for the Russian and what they put the people through during the occupation. My family is from Poland and there are monuments there that were “given” to the people. They paid for those monuments with the Russians taking a large amount, in some cases the majority, of what farmer produces. So I can understand the hatred and animosity everyone feels walking past these images depicting Russia and showing how amazing they are.

    • It’s not really comparable with UK monuments. Many fought in the UK and won the freedom of the people of UK. Bulgaria was invaded by the Soviet Union and a puppet government then installed for 45 years heavily restricting the freedom of the people. Shitting on the Soviet monuments is an appropriate response in my view, and an appropriate way to remember the victories of Stalin, one of histories great monsters.

    • No it’s actually like France leaving up a memorial in Paris to fallen Nazi soldiers who died trying to take over Paris.

    • that’s crap! You have to know that the Russians completely ruined the Bulgarian economic situation. They were under Russia’s thumb…good for them to paint American Symbols on the Russians.

    • Yes, those nasty Bulgarians having NO RESPECT for monuments from a foreign nation rudely placed on their soil without permission. Why should this idiotic ‘monument’ to the Soviets be honored by the citizens of Bulgaria? Remove the eyesore or leave it painted as is. Then it would be a welcome reminder of what crap Communist imperialism was all about…..REAL HISTORY and not reconstructed history.

    • No it’s not good work really. It’s childish and totally disrespectful of the 20 million Russian soldiers and civilians killed in the war. Bulgaria was an ally of Nazi Germany and liberated by the Red Army. The vandals who did this need to grow up.

      • It is good work and actually quite hilarious too.
        Liberated by Red Army is bullshit propaganda. A lot of Bulgarians died by the hands of both Nazi Germany and Russians. All that really happened was change of the overhead..the people or Bulgaria didnt become free and independent.. so there was no liberation in place. If anything those monuments remind of very grim history and colouring them up like this brings at least some joy to people. Let Bulgarians feel like they actually own their own land and are not terrorised by Russians any more.

        • I Agree with your version of what happened and you are right. They went from one tyrant to another but history is history and it should never be eradicated. It’s whst happened and not what we wanted to have happened. We are supposed to learn from it.

          • Statues do not portray history; they are *monuments*, which are meant to commemorate (perhaps even glorify) notable person(s) or an event.

            History is preserved in primary documents, written accounts and analyses, and audio and video recordings (which are hopefully truthful). When books are burned, and photos and videos are altered and fabricated, that is eradicating history.

        • Excellent comment. Spot on. Oh, and how are statues not part of history? What a ridiculous statement. The “victors” write history. The ARTISTS document history.

          “Great nations write their autobiographies in three manuscripts, the book of their deeds, the book of their words and the book of their art. Not one of these books can be understood unless we read the two others, but of the three the only trustworthy one is the last.” John Ruskin (circa 1850)

      • @Ps “liberated by the Red Army“
        That is some definition of the word liberated I am unfamiliar with.
        Care to explain?

      • Pretty ignorant. There are no German memorials in other countries… losers dont get honoured… every one of your examples is a “good guy”… there is no British monument in Ireland for “the brave English forced who tried to crush Irish Freedom Fighters. There are no statues in America for King George and the soldiers who tried to crush American Independence. Should we put the Berlin wall back up because it’s history? Bulgaria was overrun by Communists who erected monuments to themselves. As a Bulgarian these statues represent the losers, oppression and domination. It’s the reason Confederate Flags and statues are disappearing. History is history. Statues dont change history. Statues should be meant to honour great people and achievements, not the bad guys who took over your country.

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      • I did. Icon does not mean Super Hero. The Joker was a (super) villain and Ronald McDonald is a clown mascot of a fast food restaurant. Neither of them are super heroes. But they are all iconic (American) characters.

      • Santa Claus, the jolly fat man in a red suit with a white beard, is very much an American icon! We’ve spread it a fair bit, but for over a century after this description solidified in stories and poems from the 1820s, it was a home-grown American thing that you really didn’t see outside of the US and maybe Canada.

    • Bulgariand like Belgians were forced to join the Nazis, BUT no Bulgarian soldier died in a fight against USSR, more than 35 000 Bulgarian soldiers died fightigt FOR the Red Army against the Nazis…

    • hey Chris, ever heard of a loving agreement between the 3rd Reich and the USSR? a little something called the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact? Google it, you’re gonna love it.

      • As you bring up the Pact you really need to do a little more research into it otherwise you leave yourself open to looking foolish.

        You need to consider why this Pact was made. Nazi Germany was quite clear regarding it’s attitude to the Soviet Union. It was also clear to Stalin that, sooner or later, they would invade. The Pact bought some time to prepare, although even so the Soviet Union was ill-prepared to repulse the invasion when it came. You also have to take into consideration that Britain and France had also signed an agreement with Germany in 1936 over the Spanish Civil War (which Germany broke of course); then there is the infamous Chamberlain – Peace in our Time – agreement. At the expense of Czechoslovakia it might be added.

        Just like Britain and France, Russia was attempting to deal with an aggressive expansionist Germany whilst being aware of their own lack of military preparedness

        • Well, in a manner of speaking, the Russians were allies of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, along with Uk,rainia, Belorussia, Latvia, Lituania, Estonia, and several others.
          It’s analogous to how, at one time, California was an allie of the rest of the United States, though not so much, any more. LOL

    • because Russia was already killing them – the Germans gave some respite from Stalin’s own extermination. Learn your history, Russian troll (this deliberate misip-understanding of history is always from Russian troll farms).

      • Well that is just a crazy assertion. No one doubts the Stalinist purges but to claim the Nazi’s gave respite from it is just silly.

        The notion that anyone who contradict the sometimes outrageous and offensive comments by some people are Russian trolls is ridiculous. It’s called debate and that is what historians do using informed research

    • No. No. The Bulgarian King refused to go to war with Russia. I am not sure if the Bulgarian Army would have made a difference there, but….

  7. All soviet shit statue monuments should be ban and destroyed in all ex-soviet countries. They were forced to accept these russians assholes and there communist corrupted policies…
    Out and destroyed, like all
    Lenin monuments in Ukraine.
    Slava Ukraina!

    • Roger: “The Germans gave them a respite from Stalin’s extermination” – -? What
      This is definitely one of the top ignorant comments on the internet and that’s saying something. It’s disgusting, and you are a moron. You go learn some history.
      Germany gave them a break good grief, smh

      • The Ukranians welcomed the Germans as heroes, that’s a fact, they were able to go to church again and live as human beings. They had been slaughtered like dogs duri g the Holdomor purges. Try learning some real history.

        • Actually, the Germans had hoped that the Ukrainians would welcome them as heroes, but that didn’t happen. To most Ukrainians, they were simply transitioning from one oppressor to another. That is real history.

  8. One must not forget how brutally the Soviets (i.e. the Russians) treated their (forced) allies during the war. After the war, the Soviets spent the next 40 years keeping tabs on their allies in order to make sure they stay closed for observation.
    so, I could hardly blame these vandals for trying to remind everybody just how brutal the Soviets were. The best weapon against your opponent is mockery. Clearly these vandals have the upper hand!

  9. If the former Soviets don’t like it, they should move their monuments back to their own country at their own expense and on their own time, not disrupting any Bulgarian activities in the vicinity or on the way back to Russia. Or Bulgaria could offer to blow it up for them.

    • I believe it’s just too bad if Russia doesn’t approve of great art. Obviously many Bulgarians would rather not have these stupid monuments in their country. I hope the heroic Bulgarian protesters keep it up! This is so wonderful and has reached a world-wide audience. Fantastic job Bulgarians. Honestly I never believed anybody in your country had the fortitude to do anything like this, plus you chose great heroes and portrayed them perfectly (well, most are heroes I suppose. Not quite sure about the Riddler). Believe me, as a military officer who served almost 40-years I do not for one second denigrate the efforts, wounds and deaths of the many, many thousands of young men and women of Russia, Germany and Bulgaria who were in that horrible war. Nevertheless, I do applaud the Bulgarians who obviously detest these Russian remnants still remaining in their great country, and I find the painting of the monuments to be absolutely hilarious. Hey Russia, you don’t like it? Bulgaria will sell them to you for $100 million U.S. dollars and will even deliver them to you for free! Otherwise, next time the characters will all be dressed up as clowns. Now stick that in your ear!

    • these Monuments was built to memorize all the fallen soldier who sacrifie their own life (both Soviet and Bulgairan) during the great patriot war (WW2), liberated their own land from the Nazi. By painting it “look like US superhero” the Russian think they are re-writing history and trying to denied and forget all the fallen soldier who had given their life for freedom (back then of course) – which kinda obvious since mass majority of EU citizen nowday believe the US were the one having the most contribute to defeat Nazism and every ex-Soviet contries is trying to promote nationalism, anti Communism and even promote Nazi (Ukraine for example)

      • X, hahah. Do you even know what nazi is, to try and to say that some countries like Ukraine promote it? It is something Russia is doing atm. “We accept everything, but everything not Russian is inferior and should be ousted”. Now Soviets… Soviet army trained nazi oficers, it’s a fact and there is a saying they were trying to either divide Europe with them, or even use to conquer Europe for themselves. Why do I tend to believe this sayings? Soviets occupied every single country they “liberated” and killed everybody who wanted their country free. Who tried to say “we fought for you too, now all we want is freedom”. Why would somebody commemorate them? Communism is a silly idea to control most vulnerable uneducated people that should be banned alongside nazi. And you my friend, should go and read some stuff before saying this nonsense.

      • Trust a Russian to spew a lot of half-illiterate gibberish and not have heard of Lend-Lease.
        Still, as a Ukrainian, I’m very happy my country still causes you so much butthurt you can’t help mentioning it in a totally unrelated context.

      • X, maybe the other countries of eastern Europe and the Baltic states remember that Stalin and Hitler BOTH began WW2 as allies for two years, carving up Europe between themselves. and both signing a non-aggression pact with Japan..
        The only way the USSR became an Ally was because Hitler attacked them in August 1941.

        • I’ll repeat what I said before… You need to consider why this pact was made. Nazi Germany was quite clear regarding it’s attitude to the Soviet Union. It was also clear to Stalin that, sooner or later, they would invade. The Pact bought some time to prepare, although even so the Soviet Union was ill-prepared to repulse the invasion when it came. You also have to take into consideration that Britain and France had also signed an agreement with Germany in 1936 over the Spanish Civil War (which Germany broke of course); then there is the infamous Chamberlain – Peace in our Time – agreement. At the expense of Czechoslovakia it might be added.

          Just like Britain and France, Russia was attempting to deal with an aggressive expansionist Germany whilst being aware of their own lack of military preparedness. On the same issue, Poland was seen as a ‘buffer’ between the Soviet Union and Germany. Strategically it made sense, although not so good for Poland! Russia also requested Finland to cede some territory, again to act as a buffer. As part of the deal they would cede a large chunk of land to Finland. The Finns refused, (although post-war many thought that was probably a mistake). Stalin was also fearful that the UK would come to an agreement with Germany. Not out of the question really given the anti-Soviet stance of Britain and France in the Civil War.

  10. No. Without Land Lease and without America sending tons and tons and tons and tons of trucks, supplies, food, and military equipment to Russia, Russia would have lost. And they did not ‘free’ Bulgaria twice–they came in and refused to leave by installing their own puppet regimes and controlling the populace via military actions, secret police, property confiscation, massive propaganda, and lack of freedom.

    • Before the war, German intelligence already concluded that they had zero chance of winning against USSR. Your “tons and tons” only started arriving in significant amounts in 1943, by which time the tide had already turned. Ironically, without US help, the Soviets might’ve not turned south to the Balkans, and concentrated their drive on Central Europe instead.

      • 575,000 wheeled transport. 8200 Sherman tanks. 3200 Locomotives. Unlimited 100 octane aviation fuel. 18,000 aircraft. Incl P 40, P39, P63 fighter aircraft. Foodstuffs from the Great Plains to make up for the loss of the Ukraine.
        24 hour strategic bombing of Germany forcing the Luftwaffe to retain the vast bulk of its aircraft to defend the Reich. Wehrmacht troops and equipment deployed in Italy, France, the Balkans to repel Allied invasion forces.
        No one disputes the overwhelming contribution of Soviet Arms but without the West they simply do not win.
        The great advances after 42 may have been begun by T34s and KVs but they were propelled by Studebaker and Dodge trucks while the Wehrmacht depended on real horsepower to move.

          • The heroism of the Russian people in resisting the German invasion is beyond question, as are the appalling losses that they suffered during the war.

            It’s also beyond question that Stalin enabled Hitler: by securing his eastern front in 1940, by splitting up Poland with him, by supplying him with material literally up June 1, 1941, by ordering the Communist Party of France to undermine French resistance to the German invasion whenever possible, by so tyrannizing the subject peoples that they were willing to assist the German invasion, at least at first. The Russians themselves were appallingly ill-prepared for the invasion, in part because of Stalin trusted Hitler, and in part because the Soviet officer corps had been decapitated due to Stalin’s purges and general paranoia. The Russian people reaped what Stalin sowed.

            The US generously supplied the Soviet Union; it was in our interest to do so, since they were bearing the brunt of the fighting. However, it took time for the supplies to start reaching them. After all, the only available ports were in the White Sea, which is not very accessible to us; further, we were neutral for the first six months of the Hitler-Stalin war, just as the Soviets were neutral in our war with Japan up to August 1945. Their neutrality was understandable under the circumstances, just as ours was: nations have interests, and the Soviets’ interests and ours coincided, and sometimes they didn’t, depending on the circumstances.

            As for the defacing of the monument: Mocking the men who defeated Hitler is appalling. Mocking the men who occupied your country and imposed Communist tyranny is laudable. Given that they’re one and the same … call me conflicted. The Lithuanians had the right idea: Move the monuments into a museum, where both their heroism and their crimes can be remembered properly.

        • Don’t forget. What are bombers landed in Soviet territory, so it’s made sure to steal the bombing technology of our long-range bombers. The very first long-range bomber produced by the Soviet Union after the war was an exact copy of the American B-29.

  11. “The stupidity and the madness is eternal like the universe” No one has seen Jews or people from other countries who have survived during the Second World War not to respect the monuments dedicated to the Russian army, which has freed mankind from Hitler’s but not the Bulgarians. Only the Bulgarian decided to cover with colors the monuments because they are brainwashed and that’s why they show hatred to the Russians who freed Bulgaria 2 times. First time from 5 centuries bulgarian genocide, the time Bulgarian country under the Ottoman empire and second time Bulgaria during fascism. If people have a good memory and dignity, they will realize that the man who attacked these sculptures are with no brain and no respect to the liberators and to the humanity’s…

      • I can see that some of these contributors don’t know the difference between liberation and occupation. Replacing one totalitarian (pro-Hitler) regime by another totalitarian (Stalinist = pro-Soviet) regime is NOT liberation. That’s occupation or Soviet colonialism.

    • The entire eastern block despises the morderous thieves and rapists called “the red army” and its monuments. Communism was much worse disease to the world than nazism.

      That’s actually quite an achievement – to be ranked worse than probably the most hated regime on earth.

        • I married a Polish woman. I spend a lot of time there and I am fascinated by the history. I also sit with the 90 year old grandparents often and listen to their stories. The Russians were absolute animals. Ask the Afghans who they would rather have in their country, Russians or Americans? The Russians are despised all over the world.

          • Yeah, Not Fabio, the argument “Without the Red Army, all of Europe would be speaking German.” while true is still laughable because what the Russians did after WW2 to eastern Europe was what the Germans were doing to eastern Europe during WW2. Exchanging one set of murderous tyrants for another set of murderous tyrants isn’t really an improvement.

            Considering Russia has spent the last 70 years screwing around with the sovereignty of its neighbors and is currently undermining its neighbors, western Europe and the United States you really aren’t in the position of saviors that you think you are.

            Put Putin on a leash or better yet remove his ass from power and get your government to quit screwing Europe and the United States.

            Because let me remind you, since we’re on the subject of gratefulness, one of the main reasons Russia was able to stand up to the Germans was lend lease from the West.

            • and as for those statues, Fabio, Russia could do thing and buy those statues from Bulgaria and transport them back to Russia.

              But guys would rather be threatening assholes for some reason

            • I could argue that much of E. Europe was already run by murderous tyrants before the war. But.. I wonder, how come these countries are still around after “what the Russians did” – had Germans won, these countries would not exist.

    • Christo: You are twisting the truth, playing with the facts – please read the history (but the true one, not the textbooks used to brainwash Bulgarians during the time Bulgaria was part of the Soviet system and, practically, ruled by Moscow/Kremlin). What liberation from fascism are you talking/hallucinating about? They liberated us the way they liberated Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Poland… I would rather name them, the USSR and its Red Army, invaders and not liberators: they “liberated” us and forgot to pull out for over 45 years; yet we have and still keep the monuments dedicated to these invaders in out lands!.. Christo, how you dare to blame your people for what they are doing to these ugly monuments; how you dare calling them ‘stupid and mad’??? You are either sick minded or something even worse: a mere provocateur or a troll paid in rubles. Get lost!

      • Of course, they forgot to pull out. They knew that the West would put troops near their border. They already have NATO within artillery range of St. Petersburg. You forgot that.

        • And why did NATO have artillery near St. Petersburg?

          Because Russia was scaring the shit out of Europe by doing what the Germans did before them.

          Curious how that little fact gets let out of your equation, NF.

          And it’s hilarious that you think eastern Europeans should be grateful that your country did to them what Germany was doing to them.

          Maybe Russia should quit threatening its neighbors and acting as if it owns eastern europe.

          or has that idea never occurred to you?

      • You should do something similar to what Lithuania did with old ugly soviet monuments. We basically lifted them all out of public spaces and dumped them all in one spot in the middle of a forest and made it a museum. That way they’re no longer an eyesore to common people within cities, yet are still there to those interested in their history.

    • Stalin and the Russians murdered almost twice as many people as the Nazis/Hitler by most accounts…your version of bringing freedom is different than most I guess.

    • Except the Soviets ‘liberated’ Bulgaria only to rule it with an iron fist and armed occupying troops for 45 years, only being forced to leave when the people of the east rose up wholesale and chased the Soviet occupiers out. History.

    • Listen up, communist stooge. Bulgaria was a German ALLY. They were not conquered or occupied by Germany. It was fairly peaceful there UNTIL THE RED ARMY SHOWED UP. They raped all the women and murdered thousands of men. The Soviets then effectively enslaved the entire population until 1990.

  12. That’s why you guys are called barbarians. Now the provocators provoked a disgusting cartoon war between Russia and the USA. And this is going to be another disgusting page in our history. And you love it, don’t you…

  13. The LGBTQ community all around the world demands that Russia take immediate action to protect its LGBTQ citizens in Chechnya, close the concentration camps where they are arrested and are being killed, and take exhaustive measures to prevent similar catastrophes in the future ensuring the safety of those individuals.

  14. I don’t think painting monuments is a good thing. But if russians want to fight against acts of vandalizm and dishonor of the enormous sacrifice made by Soviet people throughout Europe, they should start from its own territory. For example, stopping mass funerary services hold yearly by armenians at the tombs of armenian nazi accomplices responsible for tens of thousands deaths of innocent soviet people, will be a good measure.

    • You want to ban Armenians who fought against Stalin’s murderous occupation of their country from mourning their own dead? That’s just sick. Soviet troops invading Armenia were not innocent. And the fact that they allied with a horrible guy–Hitler–to protect themselves from another monster — Stalin — isn’t any worse than us allying ourselves with Stalin to fight Hitler. It’s called moral compromise. Armenians are victims of genocide, not perpetrators.

            • Oh!
              ONLY (!) 7 million instead of 10 million??!!!

              Didn’t Stalin say that one death is tragic and a million deaths are a statistic?

              How about 20,000 dead Polish Army Officers in Katyn Forest?
              The Russians got a lot of chutzpah complaining about other people while ignoring the accumulated blood on their hands.

              • How about 1/4 of the Polish population massacred by the Germans? Or about hundreds of thousands of Poles killed by Ukrainian nationalists? Poland owes it existence to Stalin and his armies. “7 million” Ukrainians is a myth.

                • Not Fabio, you sure are ignorant of history, and spending a great deal of time kissing Soviet ass. Yes, Stalin DID kill more than Hitler. He was ruthless in the Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Armenia, and Germany, but his greatest death toll was Russians starved to death in his slave labor camps, and gulags. His reign was one of the most brutal, lethal regimes on Earth. The ONLY reason he isn’t widely acknowledged as the worst evil of the 20th Century is because he spent 4 years being our ally to get material aid against Hitler. Fuck the Soviets. Anything the citizens of the occupied nations he oppressed do to the statues left in their nations by that hated regime is fair game.

      • That’s because college aged leftists and college professors have never lived in the real world and believe communism is a viable answer. They believe they would have high places in the party but mostly these are overweight , mentally ill , pink haired soyboys. They would be the first in the gulag if not just gunned down as undesirables in Stalin’s Russia and any other communist country that has ever been.

    • Agreed. It pisses me off watching ignorant college kids tearing down Civil War monuments with zero respect for history. Super stupid. Super small minded. I would rather people respect monuments but I totally understand and appreciate the humor of this particular scenario.

  15. Why can the Russians demand the Bulgarians take the paint off the statues? I thought Bulgaria was a free country. It’s no longer controlled by Russia. Seems like the Bulgarians can do what they want about it or nothing at all. Up to them, right?

      • Well, considering Bulgaria was a Nazi Germany ally from 1941 – 1944 and actively participated in operation Barbarossa I’d had to say Bulgarians did much to both Jews and Russians. So yeah, comment is correct. Double standards do exist, even if you deny them

        • Dear Mark, please read the history books and then post comments on the participation of Bulgaria in the Barbarosa operation. From all allies Nazi Germany had, Bulgaria was the only one that did not send any troops to the East front. Secondly, Bulgaria did not send its Jewish population to the concentration camps in Germany or Poland. The trains were stopped in front of the border and never left the country. The reasons why Bulgaria joined the Axis are a lot to post, but just short summary would be that in the Balkan war, which was before the WWI and then in the WWI Bulgaria lost significant part of its territory to all its neighbours and the Germans were the one that promised to compensate for it.

              • Oh yeah, he was a TOTAL nut job. 😀 Do you even read, bro?

                “Patton’s views on race were complicated and often negative. This may have resulted from his privileged upbringing and family roots in the southern United States.[213] Privately he wrote of black soldiers: “Individually they were good soldiers, but I expressed my belief at the time, and have never found the necessity of changing it, that a colored soldier cannot think fast enough to fight in armor.”[214] He also stated that performance was more important than race or religious affiliation: “I don’t give a damn who the man is. He can be a Nigger or a Jew, but if he has the stuff and does his duty, he can have anything I’ve got. By God! I love him.”[215]

                Addressing the 761st Tank Battalion Patton also said, “Men, you are the first Negro tankers ever to fight in the American Army. I would never have asked for you if you weren’t good. I have nothing but the best in my army. I don’t care what color you are, so long as you go up there and kill those Kraut sonsabitches! Everyone has their eyes on you and is expecting great things from you. Most of all, your race is looking forward to you. Don’t let them down and, damn you, don’t let me down!”[216] Likewise, Patton called heavily on the Black troops under his command.[201] Historian Hugh Cole notes that Patton was the first to integrate black and white soldiers into the same rifle companies.[216]

                After reading the Koran and observing North Africans, he wrote to his wife, “Just finished reading the Koran – a good book and interesting.” Patton had a keen eye for native customs and methods and wrote knowingly of local architecture; he once rated the progress of word-of-mouth rumor in Arab country at 40–60 miles (64–97 km) a day. In spite of his regard for the Koran, he concluded, “To me it seems certain that the fatalistic teachings of Mohammad and the utter degradation of women is the outstanding cause for the arrested development of the Arab … Here, I think, is a text for some eloquent sermon on the virtues of Christianity.”[217] “

                • “the Jews had ‘no sense of human relationships’ and lived in filth like ‘lazy locusts.'”
                  “We entered the synagogue, which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I have ever seen.”
                  “Patton not only showed utter contempt, even hatred, for Jewish survivors, he also expressed a kind of admiration for the Nazi prisoners of war under his watch and bitterly criticized attempts to bring Nazi leaders to justice for war crimes. When Eisenhower visited him, Patton spoke of his plans to convert an empty nearby village into an American concentration camp for Jews. When Eisenhower finally fired him, it was no surprise that Patton blamed Jews and Communists for his problems.”
                  a historically significant record of Patton’s entry into World War I. He offers both boastful pride and his characteristic anti-Semitism

    • So Soviet soldiers during WWII were victims just like the Jews? Also, trying to find when the Jews ruled Bulgaria with an iron fist from another country for decades and I can’t find any reference…

  16. In the end this is a memorial statue. You can call it “art” all you want but if someone came and put graffiti on the “Lincoln memorial” or “raising the flag on Iwo Jima” I don’t think most people would be happy about it.

    • The Lincoln Memorial and the Iwo Jima Memorial were created by Americans on American soil. These are memorials created by a foreign power on foreign soil.

      • Meanwhile Back in the USSA we are in the middle of an epidemic of socialists rewriting history by defacing and removing Confederate war memorials. Amazing how quickly city governments are caving.

        My great grandfather (!) fought with the 2nd Georgia regiment, ( captured 3 times! parrolled twice and escaped once) was with Gen. Lee at the Appomattox surrender. Before the war he farmed thousands of acres and never owned a slave.
        Yankees took his land.

        It wasn’t about slavery if you read Lincoln, it was about losing tariff taxes. ( the South paid 75% of the Federal taxes) When the Yankees got desperate they emphasized ending slavery.

        Today hippies are talking about breaking up the USA, that’s what the original concept was, powerful independent states joined by a strong constitution living in peace with each other and the world, sort of like Switzerland is today.

          • The Great Leslie is lying about the causes of the Civil War. Both sides said it was about slavery — Lincoln called it “the only substantial dispute” in his first inaugural address. He’s also lying about the south paying 75% of taxes — the government collected more tariffs in New York Harbor alone than in all southern ports combined. Oh, and 37% of the white households in Georgia owned slaves in 1860. Assuming Leslie’s not lying about his family history the way he’s lying about everything else, his great-grandfather was as rare as a two-headed unicorn for having a farm that big and no slaves working it.

        • The confederates were traitors just like Benedict Arnold. They belong in history books not glorified statues. Those are reserved for people who actually accomplished something. Fortunately, they lost the war and their failed aattempt to start a colony in Mexico. Get over it.

            • Jessie, did the north accept said secession? No.

              Ergo not legal.

              The US Supreme Court ruled that there is no right to secede the United States.

              Considering the Supreme Court is..well..the Supreme Court it’s their legal opinion that matters.

        • I disagree, the statues should leave public property. My Great Great Grandfather fought in the cavalry with CSA General John Hunt Morgan invading Ohio where they were captured In July 1863, surviving Chicago’s POW death Camp Douglas until war’s end. And he owned a slave in Kentucky. I respect him and his service but hate his bigotry

          The statues were mostly built to reinforce now illegal white supremacy laws. We are still trying to heal those violent oppressive cultural scars.

          1890-1st World War saw whites reassert control over the South by enforcing Jim Crow laws, taking control of southern governments and systematically disenfranchising and disempowering [and lynching] African-Americans, said Jonathan Leib, a professor of geography and chair of the department of political science and geography at Old Dominion University.

          Racial segregation also got a major endorsement at the federal level during this era. In 1896, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its landmark decision in Plessy vs. Ferguson which upheld the constitutionality of state laws that racially segregated public facilities that were “separate but equal.” (Nearly 60 years passed before the Court would declare such segregation “inherently unequal.”)

          “This was also a moment when the nation itself began to repair the wounds of the late war by agreeing on the inferiority of African Americans,” said Khalil Gibran Muhammad, a professor of history, race and public policy at Harvard Kennedy School. “Racial segregation became the law and custom of the nation at precisely the moment when many of these monuments were built.”

        • 1861 speech by Alexander Stephens, who would go on to become vice president of the Confederacy.

          “[Our new government’s] foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man,” Stevens said, in Savannah, Ga. “That slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition.”

        • well first off, Leslie, you couldn’t accurately define “socialist” if you tried.

          Secondly, considering those Confederate war memorials are the memorials of people who committed high treason against the United States in the name of slavery (yeah you might want to go read the Articles of was about slavery) why should the United States have memorials to enemies of the United States on its soil?

          See, child, the reason the Civil war was about slavery was because the south seceded in order to preserve slavery. The cause for a war, child, lies with the people who started it..not the people who ended it.

          The south started it.

          Lincoln and the North ended it.

        • Leslie, quit confusing the US Constitution and the Articles of Confederation.

          The Founding Fathers tried a “powerful independent states” with the Articles of Confederation. They discovered that it didn’t work.

          Hence they replaced with the US Constitution.

          If you think the Articles of Confederation system was better than you are even more of a nutball than you have already proven with your “the civil war wasnt about slavery” BS.

          If you want to leave the United States feel free to renounce your citizenship and deport your ass.

          But the land you’re standing on is ours.

        • If you’ll remember, the Confederates were TRAITORS, and LOST the Civil War. We should NEVER have monuments to traitors and losers.
          And if the war wasn’t about slavery, why did EVERY state that filed a declaration of secession cite SLAVERY as the reason why they were seceding?
          Your Great Grandfather was a traitor, and should have been hung. Fuck him, Fuck you, fuck the “South”. You’ve been worthless down there ever since your misbegotten lands were colonized. We should have let you leave in 1860.

    • No. You see it wouldn’t be like that at all. It would be like if we had a King George statue and somebody vandalized that. See…now you get it, the vandalism would make everybody say “That piece of crap is still here ? Just tear it down.”

  17. Graffiti artist are just that, some/most do their work on the walls of buildings or are even commissioned to do their work, however it is done it always makes a statement, be it ecological, political, satirical, comical, fantasy, historical or what ever, thus it remains for those who view it to either like or not like it but it’s removal basically belongs to the government unless of course it was a commissioned job on the owners private property or business property then if it is truly offensive to some it would become a judicial battle, all this rhetoric about who did what is pointless, let the powers that be decide what should or not be done. Art is art, enjoy it or not, you do not have to look at it if you do not like it or you can sit for hours and enjoy what it shows you personally.

  18. My opinion…..Paint the statues and deglorify war!!
    There are no heroes in war. War is evil and no one truly wins. What makes it ok to kill someone fighting for what their country believes is right….because you fighting for what your country believes is right. Everyone is “the enemy” you the enemy to them and they are the enemy to you. And at the end of the day whichever side you on, children are going to bed never having their mummy tuck them in again, never having their daddy read them a story or swing them in the air, parents never getting to hold their child again, a wife who will never again see her husband come through the gate at the end of the day and a wife who will buckle at any memory of her husband, whose arms no longer hold her. FOR WHAT???? Any country that sends its sons and daughters to murder other sons and daughters of another country are not making heroes. No matter what side you are on….the bludgeoned bullet ridden corpse of an eighteen year old child in uniform is not a victory its a reminder of how absolutely pathetic and evil this world can truly be.

    • Agreed, Kate. But America doesn’t go to war just for fun and to bully other countries because we can…
      Nobody hates war more than a seasoned soldier…
      And nobody abhors injustice and stands up for the downtrodden like the American Military.
      As long as these people are alive and breathing, this small percentage of Americans will always lead the country down the right path no matter what the world decides to throw at the USA.
      God Bless our Military !

      • “America doesn’t go to war just for fun and to bully other countries because we can”. Haha, I doubt that Sir. America only goes to war when some policing on Planet Earth is needed, right? Lol.

        • Spacemaker, are you illiterate? She didn’t say that the US aways goes to war for honorable reasons. She said that we don’t go to war for fun or for the purpose of bullying others, just because we can. Think harder, Spacemaker.

          What we’re seeing here is a bunch of millennials brainwashed by their bitter stalinist teachers. This sort of crap was inevitable when the statist thugs castrated the PTAs and silenced parental input.

          • No, you are right, the US goes to war because the US arms industry needs wars. Otherwise, why would a country go to war with Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on, and so on.

      • Hi Greg!…
        You were probably not in Serbia during NATO bombing 1999?…
        If you were, you would know that many innocent civilians were killed during bombings that were suppose to “help” our country get rid of the governement under Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic.
        I am from the capital- Belgrade.
        Well, it was so wonderful being bombed- I actually watched missiles passing by my window-
        because already after a week of bombing, I didn’t care anymore if I’ll survive.
        I decided to stay in my apartment and didn’t go to the basement even when sirenes were warning for a new attack! I figured that it’s better scenario to die instantly if the missile hits the building then to suffocate wounded in the basement-shelter!
        A colleague of a close friend died when the National TV house was bombed! Innocent journalists and other colleagues became flying body parts that were danglig on the branches of the remaining trees around the TV house!
        There are so many more horrible stories…
        But, dear Greg, no need to tell them all.
        There’s absolutely no sense in the logic that war can make peace!
        I have many dear friends: atheists and those who believe in different Gods… Canadian, Greek, American, French, Albanian, Croatian, Swedish, German, Danish, Hungarian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Spanish, Italian AND Serbian, of course.
        The answer to peace is travelling, reading, enjoying music and theatre and being curious and tolerant to other cultures and putting pressure on all our governments to work in interest of all their citizens!
        I wish you all the best and I wish you to understand my words without ever being in situation to experience horrors of war.

        • Hi Dana, sorry you experienced that but the US never bombed civilians on purpose except in Hiroshima/Saganaki in WWII and in Serbia the bombing was focused on your government and military targets only. If a civilian target was hit, the US military always apologized. People can be angry with the US government OK, but in no war does the US purposely attack civilians as a policy, unlike the Serbs paramilitary forces who were attacking innocent civilians and burying them in mass unmarked graves. Maybe if you people would have overthrown the butcher Milosovitch then the USA would not have had to attack your country. Watch the US movie, behind Enemy Lines about Serbia to see the story.

        • Dana, very well said. And I apologize – for what pathetic tiny bit that lame word may be worth – that my country bombed yours and your people, and called it saving you. I am glad you survived and I’m sorry about the trauma and whoever you lost. Some are so busy seeing glory they can’t see reality. I wish you peace, laughter, coziness and comfort. …As for the street art, mockery of war “heroes” is profound poetry to me. Some need to take over. Wise old grandmas. The boys have been so busy playing toy soldiers for millennia, for the funding, they can’t remember what’s really important. Or what makes a person an actual hero. ?? I didn’t scroll down yet. I’ll just BET someone made some excuse. Please pardon our boneheads. We have piss poor education funding in this country & most of them have never travelled anywhere at all. Thanks for posting the antidote. I wish I thought they’d hear it. Blagoslov i radost. I hope that translates right… ❤️?

      • dear Greg,
        please get your head out of your ass!! America is the baddest bully on the block, starting wars for nothing more than their own financial gain or for refusal from other countries to comply to America’s views on economical or sociological policies. educate yourself before you start spewing bullshit on the internet.
        and I’ll grant you the fact that it’s not the soldiers’ merrit that there are wars. it is due to the corporate world that works behind the scenes of every war. a large part of which has it’s origin in the American-Israeli military industrial complex. and this has been going on for a LONG time!!

    • Dearest Kate! Thank you for this comment- I hope that more and more people on this planet will spread the goodness, tolerance and understanding to all different cultures and religions and eventually, in future- the humanity will hopefully achieve safer and better world. Good luck to you in your life and know that there are always some good hearted, empathic people around that can give comfort and support in the time of need.

    • Our grandfathers died not for political purposes, but for give us, their grandsons and grandaughters, chance to live not as slaves of one selected arian nation!

      They thought that it was better to fight and save our future lives, than to be second sort people in the future world.

      And that’s why it is ridiculous to paint that fictional heroes, that has never exist instead of millions of real-hero soldiers, who died for freedom, not slave-like future for all of us.

    • “Everyone is “the enemy” you the enemy to them and they are the enemy to you. ”

      It was pretty clear that the Nazis were the enemy. You understand that this is a World War II monument, yes? Do you think the Nazis wanted to be friends with the eastern and southern Slavs, despite openly advocating that ‘lebensraum’ was to be achieved as a result of depopulating the Slavic population of eastern Europe and the Balkans (Bulgarians being Balkan Slavs, in case this eluded you)?

      “And at the end of the day whichever side you on, children are going to bed never having their mummy tuck them in again, ”

      Preach to the sons and daughters of the 26 million Soviets who died defending their motherland. My entire family served on the front lines, most of them never returned, some at the very least, died on the battlefield and were spared the horror of the death camps. Tell that to the Bulgarians whose families were butchered by the Nazi occupiers. Tell it to the 2 million Serbs butchered by the Ustasha, tell it to those who survived the camps.

      Hitler and his allies (Romania, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, and yes, Bulgaria until it switched sides a second time) sent their sons and daughters off to butchers other countries sons and daughters. Our grandparents were sent out to secure our right to exist. Do not equate the two.

      “FOR WHAT???? ”

      The right to exist. Nothing more, nothing less. Our existence was an affront to Hitler and friends. You’ve heard about the Nazi death camps and eugenics program, yes?

      “Any country that sends its sons and daughters to murder other sons and daughters of another country are not making heroes. ”

      We had signed non-aggression pacts with Germany, and Japan (after defeating the latter in the Mongolian People’s Republic).

      Germany broke that agreement and invaded our motherland in 1941, they made it to the gates of Moskva itself, burning, raping and butchering everything in their path, because we, as Slavs, were deemed lesser beings to the Aryan “master race”, not considered human, unworthy of life.

      What would you have suggested, inviting the Nazis in for tea and borscht, and try to make them understand via civil discourse that we have a right to exist? Sorry, but no, the death camps weren’t secret, it was well known what awaited.

      They could have stopped at pre-war Soviet borders and left the rest of Europe to fend for itself, but instead they took it upon themselves to free the death camps in Poland, to liberate the Balkans and eastern Europe, and to chase the Nazis all the way back to their lair, so they may answer for their crimes and fascism never be allowed to rear its ugly head again. That’s why they’re heroes. They didn’t go home when their fight was over.

      “.the bludgeoned bullet ridden corpse of an eighteen year old child in uniform is not a victory its a reminder of how absolutely pathetic and evil this world can truly be.”

      I envy that you don’t seem to know the pain of occupation or the extermination of your family.

      These monuments serve to enshrine the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice against the ultimate evil. To say to the world that their descendants stand forever vigilant for that sacrifice was not in vain and never again shall this be allowed to pass.

      Вечная Слава Победителям!
      (Vechnaya Slava Pobeditely’am — eternal glory to the victors)

      I mean, honestly, you do know who Hitler was, Don’t you?

      • I’m not belittling the soldiers of the soviet union they lost more soldiers than any other government. The problems was that some Soviets were more expendable than others, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, slavs, were sacrificed like sheep by their own masters in Russia, since the society union is over Russia should leave the former colonies to deal with their history as they see fit.

      • “I mean, honestly, you do know who Hitler was, Don’t you?”

        I know. He led coalition of Germans and Russians that started WWII with destruction and partition of Poland.

        Until 1942 he even killed LESS polish people then Stalin.

    • Says the person living a free life due to the heroes that fought for her freedom….pathetic. The idea of utopia is beyond ignorant lady, read some books for Christ sake!

    • So you’re saying that protecting one’s family, neighborhood, and country from those who would do them harm and putting your life at risk to do so is not heroic? And what will you do when this old pathetic and evil world has no respect for your firmly held sincere beliefs and someone pulls you from your home, sends you to a concentration camp and gives your home and property to someone else? Just because you want to have a pillow fight to settle a disagreement doesn’t mean that the people who hate you and want you dead will do the same.

  19. Fuck Russia. This is an endearing example of civil disobedience, and the message is a good one.

    Lotta clowns commenting here. Get some perspective, idiots

    • So you’re cool with painting clowns on American war memorials, then, yeah?

      Let’s start with the Tomb of the unknown Soldier in Arlington, maybe work our way down to the Veterans’ Wall in DC.

      • That would be a false equivalence since these memorials are in countries that see the USSR as conquerors. Arlington Cemetery is on American soil and is not a monument to dead foreign soldiers.

  20. Funny how a little color turns soviet heroes into american ones. Maybe Putin is not pleased because this really shows that patriotic shine is transitory

  21. A lot of you are missing the point. Who cares whether the paint jobs are superheroes, well-known commercial characters, villains, or any thing else you want to name. That’s just NOT the point.

    The monuments in Bulgaria were put there without their having anything to say about it. If somebody put up a statue commemorating something you disapproved of on your lawn without your having anything to say about it, I’m pretty sure you’d be peeved. You’d be a lot MORE peeved if removing the offending artifact came with possibly dire consequences.

    Tearing the statues down might bring unpleasant reactions from Putin, et. al. He’s known to take a dim view of such activity and respond in some very unpleasant ways. THIS is a stunning tribute to disapproving self-expression without violence or any destruction of any kind.

    Bravo, Bulgaria! Well done!

  22. This is such disgraceful… Just imagine for second… Over 20,000,000 Russian people were killed in WW2.. Monuments represent respect and gratitude from people, that their bravery and self-sacrifice are not forgotten.. It is Nothing to do with Politics.. It is simple respect to Past…

    • Elena, not a single russian soldier was killed in Bulgaria durring WWII, so we don’t own them anything but 45 years of communist slavery. By the way the only victims Red army had in Bulgaria were those who died from cheap booze, around 100 men. I would rather see this monument (and many more) demolished as a symbol of liberation from the red past. Respect to the authors of those paintings – Destructive creations and f*ck off all commies out there!

      • Konrad, I haven’t visited Bulgaria. I am sure that I would love your country and be able to call you s friend. I believe that your people suffered much under the USSR rule. I have worked with Russian companies. I can say that the people I’ve come to know in Russia who were alive during the war and the Soviet rule are kind, capable, and generally want a peaceful world to live in. I believe that is the case in most communities in this world. We all have a past we must come to terms with. Governments have overwhelmed their populace at times. I do not approve of injustice, yet I have a hard time assigning blame to those individuals who had to find a way to survive under an injust rule just because they were born in a particular geographic region. There are many problems in our world, and the best way to solve them is person by person, from the ground up. Government is based on the people…so if all of us “people” can figure out how to relate to each other, maybe we can make the world a better place.

    • it is incredibly gruesome that 20 million soviet people got killed during the ww2. not a single one of them by a bulgarian. however, plenty of bulgarians were killed by the soviets, during the ww2 but also in the aftermath, during half a century of occupation and dictate

    • And yet, these are monuments of Russians in a country that is not Russia, in a place they didn’t ask for the Russians to put up monuments. Perhaps Russia could offer to move the monuments back to Russia instead of leaving them in countries that didn’t want them?

      • Usually this monuments are called “Monument for unnamed soldier” not russian, not american soldier, for any who died in war against “best-nation” regime.

        This is reminder for us about great role of ordinary soldier in WW2. Comic heroes are fictional, died and survived soldiers in WW2 were real!

    • There mostly likely would have been fewer dead in WW2 if Stalin hadn’t purged his military of his best generals out of paranoia. Also would have been less had Stalin not been so foolish to sign a treaty with Hitler. To be sure, and I do not hesitate to say that the Russian people were exceptionally brave and determined soldiers, who had to serve in appalling conditions. But we should also not make the mistake in saying their success was a commendation of Communism, had it not been for the allied support of the USSR with equipment and food and intelligence, Russia would have lost to the Germans.

    • Very good. Then let’s remove this tribute to dead Russians to dead Russia, where they belong. In case you didn’t know it, Bulgars are not now ,nor never were…..Russians…. those people live in Russia and Ukraine…. the whiteys live in Belorussia…. and they ALL live in Brooklyn … have a nice day, Elena

  23. […] Russia Wants Bulgarians to Stop Painting Soviet Monuments To Look Like American Superheroes […]

  24. Ronald McDonald is so much more the fast food icon he is the worlds god and you will sacrifice to him upon his altar of 2 all beef paties your health, your thin waist line and your soul if you want it super sized

    • Apostate! You did not fully invoke the description of the altar: “two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun”

      Respect the Big Mac.

  25. First of all SANTA CLAUS and RONALD McDonald are not Superheroes. Ronald McDonald represents a fast food restaurant that not all of us Americans enjoy. Santa Claus is a fictional character that brings joy to little children on Christmas every year until they grow up and learn he doesn’t exist.
    The Joker is a bad guy, not a superhero.
    If you are going to pretend you know American culture then maybe you should actually know it instead of pretending that you know what you’re talking about.

  26. First of all, SANTA CLAUSE, RONALD MCDONALD are NOT superheroes to us Americans.
    Ronald McDonald represents a fast food restaurant that not all of us Americans enjoy.
    Santa is a fictional character that brings joy to small children on Christmas every year until they grow up and learn he doesn’t exist.
    The Joker is a bad guy, not a hero.
    If you’re going to pretend you know American culture, how about actually knowing what you’re talking about.

  27. I am glad that those “artists” are enjoying of what they do. If they only could imagine how many thousands of Russian soldiers had died for that….

        • Know who else was allied with the Nazis? The USSR, until the Nazis invaded them, too. The darkest days of WWII were those after the USSR invaded Finland and Poland, when the UK was alone in resisting.

        • It was caught between The USSR and the German Reich. It had to ally with one of them, regardless of their actual political ideology. The same reason Finland joined the Axis. It wasn’t out of a love for Nazism, but simply because no one else would stand with them against the Soviet invaders

      • No, it isn’t correct. They joined the Nazis in 1941, due to a promise of territorial gains from Greece, Romania and Yugoslavia. They controlled a huge part of southern Serbia, parts of Greece, FYROM and Romania. They became neutral in August 1944, then joined the Allies (under Communist influence) 3 weeks later. After the war, they were able to keep the part of Romania ceded to them in 1941, making them the only Axis ally to increase their territory as a result of WW2.
        Although Bulgaria didn’t deport its own Jews or Roma, it deported them from the territories that the Axis powers gave it control over.

    • Don’t just vandalize the Georgia guide stones like some Antifa knob might do.
      Get a creative team to turn it into Mr. Hanky’s Fun Park! Featuring Terrance and Phillip,eh? PHHHRRRUMP HA HA HA!

  28. […] Russia has reacted angrily to the spraypainting of Soviet monuments in Bulgaria to transform them into American superheroes. See this article, “Russia wants Bulgarians to stop painting Soviet monuments to look like American superheroes.&… […]

  29. Bulgaria exported to Russia Cyrillic alphabets and Christianity and Russia returned the favour and exported back to Bulgaria Communism. Great business deal.

  30. This is an example of the subtleties of the English language being lost. Alexander the”Great” does not mean (and never did mean) “the Good”. In this case, “great” means “mighty” or “powerful”, which he undoubtedly was. In French he is called “Alexandre le grand”; “Alexander the big”, but everyone knows he was no physical giant. I despair.

  31. После нападения Германии на Советский Союз И.В. Сталин заявил 3 июля 1941 г., что целью «всенародной Отечественной войны против фашистских угнетателей является не только ликвидация опасности, нависшей над нашей страной, но и помощь всем народам Европы, стонущим под игом германского фашизма».

    «Освобождение Европы» была особой миссией для Красной армии. И за мир и свободу в Европе отдали свою жизнь более 1 млн. советских солдат. После войны во всех освобожденных странах и городах массово устанавливали памятники советским солдатам-освободителям. Но памятных мест в знак благодарности освободителям с 1945 года становится всё меньше. Осквернения памятников советским воинам – особенно в последнее время – заметно участились. А между тем:

    «Европа не была бы свободной, если бы не советская пехота, если бы не русские танки и авиация. Это не американцы, располагавшие реальными силами, хорошо кормленными солдатами в теплой одежде. Пришли русские. Полуголодные, но подгоняемые ненавистью за то, что с их Родиной сделали немцы». (Житель Варшавы Яцев Вильчур)

    Немцам удалось разрушить 85% построек в Варшаве, в том числе много исторических и архитектурных достопримечательностей. Всего за период Второй мировой войны были уничтожены около 700 тысяч жителей Варшавы, в том числе около 350 тысяч евреев. В сражениях с немцами на территории Польши погибли свыше 600 000 советских солдат.

    Liberation of Europe, 1945
    Жители Праги встречают советских воинов. Эммануил Евзерихин/Фотохроника ТАСС. Жители Праги встречают советских воинов. Эммануил Евзерихин/Фотохроника ТАСС
    Всего около 9 млн советских воинов участвовали в освобождении 11 европейских стран. Безвозвратные потери Красной армии при освобождении государств Европы составили:

    в Польше — 600212 человек;
    в Чехословакии — 139918 человек;
    в Венгрии — 140004 человек;
    в Германии — 101961 человек;
    в Румынии — 68993 человек;
    в Австрии — 26006 человек;
    в Югославии — 7995 человек;
    в Норвегии — 3436 человек;
    в Болгарии — 977 человек;
    Всего безвозвратные потери Красной Армии при «освобождении Европы» составили около 1 миллиона человек, а всего общие безвозвратные потери в войне с Германией и Японией ( убито, пропало без вести, попало в плен и не вернулось из плена, умерло от ран, болезней и несчастных случаев) Вооруженных Сил вместе с пограничниками и внутренними войсками составили 8.668.400 военнослужащих.

    Всего было освобождено около 50% европейских государств. Совокупное население освобожденных Красной армией стран составило более 120 000 000 человек в 16 независимых на настоящий момент странах Европы. В освобождении еще шести стран Красная армия участвовала вместе с союзниками.

    Я часто вспоминаю слова Великого маршала Рокоссовского: «Нельзя научиться любить живых, если не умеешь хранить память о мертвых».

    Place: Lodz, PolandTime taken: January-February 1945Author: Victor Temin
    Висло-Одерская операция. Советские солдаты въезжают в освобожденный ими польский город Лодзь
    Советский солдат пришёл в Европу не как мститель. В большей степени это был воин-освободитель. И ценою собственной жизни советский солдат выполнял свой священный долг, во имя мира и добра, во имя свободы народов от фашистского зла и нацистской ненависти.

    Парадоксально и удивительно, что из всех стран Европы, где с годами культивируется иное представление об исторической памяти и дани уважения Советским солдатам, только в Германии варварское отношение к памятникам советским войнам-освободителям считается абсолютно не допустимым. Пожалуй, ни в какой другой освобожденной европейской стране так не ухаживают за захоронениями советских солдат. Не обливают могилы краской, не разрушают памятники.

    Немцы, в отличии от поляков или болгар, бережно относятся к истории и чтут память настоящих солдат. Ни тех, кто их победил, а тех, кто сохранил им чувство национального самосознания, не унизил, не поставил на колени. И одним из первых слов в уже освобожденной Германии выучил слово «фройндшафт» – дружба.

    Нас — русских часто спрашивают: есть ли ненависть, простили ли мы сегодня немцев? Да, в историческом смысле, простили. Забыли? Нет. Ни в историческом смысле, ни в отношении каждого из нас лично, на ментальном уровне. Мы помним своих мёртвых, помним свой Бессмертный полк. Но пинать побежденных как-то не в традициях русского народа…

    Вторая мировая война опустошила целые страны, обратила в развалины города и села, привела к гибели многих миллионов людей, в том числе и в Европе. И сегодня, как тогда на войне, с подобной разрушительной силой в одной части Европы стирается не только память, но и совесть…

    Норвежская пресса отмечала в 1945 г.: «Норвежцы никогда не забудут того, что русские сделали для них, а также для общего дела победы над врагом». «Советская Армия, – говорил в 1950 г. участник датского Сопротивления С. Вагнер, – внесла решающий вклад в дело освобождения Дании. Именно советские солдаты разбили немецкую группировку на острове Борнхольм и вернули его Дании. Иначе поступили американцы. Они воспользовались войной, чтобы оккупировать Гренландию».


    Цифры войны

    22 июня в 4 часа утра началась война, продолжавшаяся 1418 дней и ночей. В первый же день боев фашисты уничтожили 1200 советских самолетов, свыше 800 из них — на аэродромах.

    Всего в боевых действиях в годы войны участвовало 34 476 700 советских военнослужащих. В Армию и на Флот было призвано 490 тысяч женщин.

    В числе жертв войны 13,7 миллиона человек составляет мирное население, из них преднамеренно было истреблено оккупантами 7,4 миллиона, 2,2 миллиона погибло на работах в Германии, а 4,1 миллиона вымерло от голода в оккупации.

    В битве за Москву погибло с 30 сентября 1941 г. по 20 апреля 1942 г. более 2.400.000 советских граждан.

    Было казнено: на временно оккупированной территории СССР нацистами было казнено 7,4 миллиона человек мирного населения, в том числе 221.000 детей.

    Потери СССР: С учетом новейших архивных данных сотрудники Генштаба Вооруженных сил России приводят сведения (1998) о погибших в течение четырех лет войны:
    безвозвратные потери Красной (Советской) Армии составили 11 944 100 человек, в том числе погибло 6 885 000 человек, пропало без вести, пленено 4 559 000. В общей сложности Советский Союз потерял 26 600 000 граждан. Всего в боевых действиях в годы войны участвовало 34 476 700 советских военнослужащих.

    Потери Германии: За три года войны (июнь 1941 — июнь 1944 гг.) людские потери в Германии составили 6.5 миллиона убитых, раненых и пропавших без вести. Самые большие потери она понесла в ходе войны против СССР. Летом 1941 года погибло 742 тысячи немецких солдат, тогда как в войне против Польши, Франции, Англии, Норвегии, Бельгии, Голландии, Дании и балканских стран Германия потеряла 418 805 солдат.

    Разрушения в СССР: В СССР разрушено 1710 городов, более 70 тысяч деревень, 32 тысячи заводов и фабрик, разграблено 98 тысяч колхозов…

    Стоимость расходов на ведение войны (в сопоставимых ценах): Прямые расходы на ведение войны всех участвовавших в ней стран составляют 1117 млрд. долларов (включая военные расходы на войну в Китае в 1937 г.).

    Стоимость разрушений составила 260 млрд. долларов, из которых в СССР — 128 млрд., в Германии — 48 млрд., во Франции — 21 млрд., в Польше — 20 млрд., в Англии — 6.8 млрд.

    Одним из страшнейших моментов Великой Отечественной войны стала Ленинградская блокада, длившаяся 880 дней и прорванная 27 января 1944 г. Численность жертв ее превосходит потери США и Великобритании, вместе взятые, за всю Вторую мировую войну. Впервые данные были обнародованы на Нюрнбергском процессе, а в 1952 г. опубликованы в СССР. Сотрудники Ленинградского отделения Института истории СССР АН СССР пришли к выводу, что в Ленинграде в период фашистской блокады от голода умерли не менее 800 тысяч человек.

    Во время блокады ежедневная норма хлеба для рабочих составляла всего 250 г., для служащих, иждивенцев и детей — вдвое меньше. В конце декабря 1941 года хлебная пайка стала почти вдвое тяжелее — к этому времени значительная часть населения погибла.

    Каждый пятый воевавший в Великой Отечественной войне отмечен наградой. Всего же звание Героя Советского Союза присвоено 11 681 воину, а 2 532 человека являются полными кавалерами ордена Славы.

    На службе немцам


    Всего, по статистическим данным управления Восточных войск, на 2 февраля 1943 года общее число советских граждан, состоящих на немецкой военной службе, составило 750 тысяч, из них «хиви» — от 400 до 600 тысяч, без учёта СС, люфтваффе и флота. По состоянию на февраль 1945 года численность «хиви» достигала 600 тысяч человек в вермахте, до 60 тысяч в люфтваффе и 15 тысяч на флоте.

    Считается, что 22 июня 1941 года Германия напала на Советский Союз. На самом деле это не совсем так, против СССР начали войну несколько стран, среди них:

    Румыния — около 200 тысяч солдат,
    Словакия — 90 тысяч солдат,
    Финляндия — около 450 тысяч солдат и офицеров,
    Венгрия — около 500 тысяч человек,
    Италия — 200 тысяч человек,
    Хорватия в составе охранной дивизии
    И это только те страны которые официально объявили войну Советскому Союзу. По различным данным, в этом «крестовом походе» против СССР принимали участие от полутора до двух с половиной миллионов добровольцев воевавших в частях вермахта и ваффен СС.

    Это были представители таких стран как: Голландия, Дания, Норвегия, Бельгия, Латвия, Литва, Эстония, Швеция, Финляндия, Франция, Швейцария, Испания, Люксембург. Как и во время отечественной войны 1812 года, против России ополчилась по сути, вся Европа.

    Известный американский историк Джордж Г. Стейн в своей книге «Ваффен СС» описывает национальный состав этих частей:

    голландцы — 50 тысяч человек, бельгийцы — 20 тысяч человек, французы — 20 тысяч человек, датчане и норвежцы — по 6 тысяч человек, по 1200 человек из Швеции, Люксембурга, Швейцарии, и других европейских стран.

    Из европейских эсесовцев добровольцев состояла одна из лучших дивизий рейха — Викинг. Название символизировало, что в ее рядах собраны представители из арийских народов нордической крови.

    Так 10 марта 1942 года на Ленинградский фронт был переброшен Норвежский легион, он помогал удерживать город в кольце блокады до весны 1943 года. Но из-за больших потерь большинство легионеров отказались продлевать контракт, и были по приказу Гимлера заменены Латышским легионом СС.

    Блокаду Ленинграда вообще можно считать общеевропейским предприятием. Помимо норвежцев под Волховым действовал легион «Нидерланды», бельгийский батальон. Здесь же сражались испанские добровольцы из «Голубой дивизии», с севера Ленинград осаждали финские и шведские войска, на Ладоге готовились к боям итальянские моряки.

    Немецкий историк Мюллер-Гиллебрандт, который во время войны был генерал-майором Генерального штаба Вермахта, вспоминает, что многие французы которым немцы отказали в зачислении в свои вооруженные силы, были сильно обижены.

    Началось все с того, что у Генриха Гимлера произошел конфликт с руководством вермахта из-за того, что он для своих частей СС старался забрать лучших. Лучших в плане физической подготовки, здоровья, интеллектуального состояния. Он отбирал действительно гвардейцев, а вермахту доставался, как считало его руководство, так сказать второй сорт.

    После того как армейские генералы «пожаловались» Гитлеру, для Гимлера был установлен лимит на призыв немцев в гвардейские подразделения. Но Гимлер быстро нашел выход из положения, он стал набирать в свои части представителей так называемых фольксдойч, немцев живущих вне Германии. Это могли быть немцы из Голландии, Норвегии, Швеции, Бельгии, и откуда угодно.

    «Клянусь тебе, Адольф Гитлер, как вождю, быть верным и храбрым. Даю обет повиноваться тебе и назначенным тобою начальнику до самой смерти. И да поможет мне Бог» Это фрагмент присяги европейских добровольцев ваффен СС при вступлении на службу.

    В отличие от присяги которую принимали немцы, в тексте не было упоминания Гитлера как канцлера рейха, это своеобразная психологическая уловка, что это не служба в рядах немецких оккупантов, а в общеевропейских частях СС.

    Среди альпийских стрелков тоже были не только немцы, всего было двенадцать горно-стрелковых дивизий, из них две австрийские, одна из югославских немцев, одна из боснийских мусульман, еще одна состояла из албанцев, и еще в одной были и австрийцы и норвежцы. Так что можно считать, что каждый второй немецкий горный стрелок родился за пределами границ третьего рейха 1937 года.

    Такое большое количество добровольцев из захваченных Гитлером европейских стран объясняется многими причинами, это модная в то время в Европе расовая теория и яркие успехи национал-социалистической идеологии, и просто желание поживиться.

    По планам Гимлера, расово неполноценные народы СССР должны были быть отброшены за Урал, а численность их уменьшена в несколько раз. На захваченных территориях восточных земель должны были селиться арийцы нордической крови.

    Вторая мировая война является уникальной из всех войн, никогда еще в истории не было подобных случаев массового перехода граждан завоеванных стран на службу к оккупантам. Под гитлеровские знамена добровольно становилась чуть ли не большая часть населения.

    В войне против СССР принимали участие не только вооруженные формирования европейских ваффен СС и иностранные части вермахта, на военную машину третьего рейха работала и вся промышленность Европы. В первые годы войны почти каждый второй снаряд был отлит из шведской руды.

    Летом 1941 года каждый четвертый танк в немецкой армии был чешским или французским. Свои первые победы Германия одержала во многом благодаря скандинавскому железу и швейцарской оптике для прицелов.

    Мало кто знает, что самым мощным танком вермахта при нападении на СССР был французский В2. Половина сверхтяжелых орудий, обстреливавших Ленинград, Севастополь, были произведены во Франции и Чехии.

    В 1938 году в Мюнхене представители Англии и Франции предательски отдали Гитлеру Чехословакию. Если бы не этот сговор, Германия по экономическим причинам возможно и не смогла бы начать полномасштабную войну.

    Чешская оборонная промышленность была в то время одной из крупнейших в Европе. С ее заводов рейх получил более полутора миллионов винтовок и пистолетов, около 4 тысяч орудий и минометов, свыше 6600 танков и самоходных орудий.

    Особое значение для Германии играли поставки сырья. Американские нефтяные компании через свои филиалы в странах Латинской Америки передали Гитлеру бензина на несколько десятков миллионов долларов. Компания Рокфеллера «Standard oil» поставила третьему рейху горюче-смазочных материалов и топлива на сумму в 20 миллионов долларов.

    Генри Форд, большой поклонник Гитлера, имел в Германии филиалы своих предприятий, которые до самого конца войны поставляли немцам очень хорошие грузовики, всего около 40 тысяч штук. Для Америки война стала хорошим бизнесом.

    Стоит заметить, что на захваченной территории СССР, немцы, из 32 тысяч предприятий смогли запустить лишь двести. Они давали продукции в три раза меньше чем такая страна как Польша.

    «Если мы увидим, что Германия побеждает, мы должны помочь России. А если верх будет одерживать Россия, мы должны помогать Германии. И пусть они таким образом убивают друг друга как можно больше. Все это на благо Америки». Это заявление 24 июня 1941 года сделал будущий президент США Гарри Трумэн, американской газете Нью-Йорк Таймс.

    Нейтральные страны на службе у нацистов

    «…В первые же дни войны через территорию Швеции была пропущена германская дивизия для действий в Северной Финляндии. Однако премьер-министр Швеции социал-демократ П. А. Ханссон тут же обещал шведскому народу, что через территорию Швеции больше не будет пропущена ни одна немецкая дивизия и что страна никоим образом не вступит в войну против СССР. Швеция взяла на себя представительство интересов СССР в Германии, и все же через Швецию развернулся транзит немецких военных материалов в Финляндию; немецкие транспортные суда перевозили туда войска, укрываясь в территориальных водах Швеции, причем до зимы 1942/43 г. их сопровождал конвой шведских военно-морских сил. Гитлеровцы добились поставок шведских товаров в кредит и перевозки их в основном на шведских судах…»

    «…Именно шведская железная руда была лучшим для Гитлера сырьем. Ведь эта руда содержала 60 процентов чистого железа, в то время, как руда, получаемая немецкой военной машиной из других мест, содержала лишь 30 процентов железа. Понятно, что производство военной техники из металла, выплавленного из шведской руды, обходилось казне Третьего рейха гораздо дешевле.

    В 1939 году, том самом, когда гитлеровская Германия развязала Вторую мировую войну, ей было поставлено 10,6 млн. тонн шведской руды. Ничего себе! После 9 апреля, то есть, когда Германия уже завоевала Данию и Норвегию, поставки руды существенно возросли. В 1941 году морским путем для нужд германской военной промышленности поставлялось ежедневно 45 тысяч тонн шведской руды. Мало-помалу торговля Швеции с нацистской Германией нарастала и, в конце концов, составила 90 процентов всей шведской внешней торговли. С 1940 по 1944 год шведы продали фашистам более 45 млн. тонн железной руды.

    Шведский порт Лулео был специально переоборудован для поставок железной руды в Германию через воды Балтики. (И только советские подводные лодки после 22 июня 1941 года временами доставляли шведам большие неудобства, торпедируя шведские транспорты, в трюмах которой эта руда переправлялась). Поставки руды в Германию продолжались практически до момента, когда Третий рейх уже начал, говоря образно, испускать дух. Достаточно сказать, что еще в 1944 году, когда исход второй мировой войны ни у кого уже не вызывал сомнений, немцы получили из Швеции 7,5 млн. тонн железной руды. До августа 1944 г. Швеция получала нацистское золото через банки Швейцарии.

    Иными словами, писала «Норшенсфламман», «шведская железная руда обеспечивала немцам успехи в войне. И это был горький факт для всех шведских антифашистов». Однако шведская железная руда поступала немцам не только в виде сырья.

    Знаменитый на весь мира концерн «СКФ», производивший лучшие на планете шарикоподшипники, поставлял эти, не столь уж, на первый взгляд, хитрые технические механизмы, Германии. Целых десять процентов шарикоподшипников, получаемых Германией, приходилось, по данным «Норшенсфламман», на Швецию. Любому, даже вовсе неискушенному в военном деле человеку, понятно, что означают шарикоподшипники для производства военной техники. Да ведь без них ни один танк с места не стронется, ни одна подводная лодка в море не выйдет!

    Заметим, что Швеция, как отмечала «Норшенсфламман», производила подшипники «особого качества и технических характеристик», которые Германия не могла получить ни откуда более. Импорт подшипников из Швеции стал для Германии особенно важен, когда в 1943 году подшипниковый завод VKF в Швайнфурте был уничтожен. В 1945 году экономист и советник по экономическим вопросам Пер Якобссон предоставил информацию, которая помогла сорвать поставку шведских подшипников в Японию.

    Давайте задумаемся: сколько же жизней оборвалось потому, что формально нейтральная Швеция обеспечивала фашистскую Германию стратегическими и военными продуктами, без которых маховик военного механизма нацистов продолжал бы, конечно, раскручиваться, но уж точно, не с такой большой скоростью, как оно было?

    Осенью 1941 года, той самой жестокой осенью, когда на карту было поставлено существование всего Cоветского государства (а значит, как следствие, и судьба населявших его народов), король Швеции Густав V Адольф направил Гитлеру письмо, в котором пожелал «дорогому рейхсканцлеру дальнейших успехов в борьбе с большевизмом»…»

    Еще больше военных заказов Швеция получила после начала Второй мировой войны. И в основном это были заказы для гитлеровской Германии. Нейтральная Швеция стала одной из главных экономических опор национального рейха. Достаточно сказать, что только в 1943 году из добытых 10,8 млн. т железной руды в Германию из Швеции было отправлено 10,3 млн. т.

    До сих пор мало кто знает, что одной из главных задач кораблей ВМФ Советского Союза, воевавших на Балтике, была не только борьба с фашистскими кораблями, но и уничтожение судов нейтральной Швеции, перевозивших грузы для нацистов.

    Ну а чем же расплачивались гитлеровцы со шведами за полученные от них товары?

    Только тем, что они награбили на оккупированных ими территориях и больше всего — на советских оккупированных территориях. Других ресурсов для расчетов со Швецией немцы почти не имели. Так что, когда вам в очередной раз будут рассказывать про «шведское счастье», помните, кто и за чей счет шведам его оплатил.

    Война в Европе была скорее за политическое влияние и за контроль территорий, война на восточном фронте, была войной на уничтожение и выживание, это абсолютно две разные войны, просто они проходили одновременно.

    Цивилизованная Европа всегда старательно вычеркивает из истории второй мировой войны эти позорные факты своего сотрудничества с самым кровавым и бесчеловечным режимом двадцатого века, и эта та правда о войне, которую нужно знать, и о которой нужно помнить.

    Английский публицист XIX века T. Дж. Даннинг: «Капитал избегает шума и брани и отличается боязливой натурой. Это правда, но это ещё не вся правда. Капитал боится отсутствия прибыли или слишком маленькой прибыли, как природа боится пустоты. Но раз имеется в наличии достаточная прибыль, капитал становится смелым. Обеспечьте 10 процентов, и капитал согласен на всякое применение, при 20 процентах он становится оживлённым, при 50 процентах положительно готов сломать себе голову, при 100 процентах он попирает все человеческие законы, при 300 процентах нет такого преступления, на которое он не рискнул бы, хотя бы под страхом виселицы. Если шум и брань приносят прибыль, капитал станет способствовать тому и другому. Доказательство: контрабанда и торговля рабами.»

  32. This paintings reflect the absurdity of the very existence of these monuments. The Soviets invaded the small country, without any German troops in it, and occupied it without any resistance. After that they asked the Bulgarians to build big “Monuments of the Soviet army”. After the collapse of the USSR, they are meeting places for the rudiments of the old regime and are hated by the normal young citizens of the country

    • Bulgaria wasn’t part of the Soviet Union. Russia actually helped support Bulgaria against the Ottomans (Look up the Battle of Pleven, 1878). Bulgaria has always maintained strong ties with Russia, but it wasn’t invaded by it. 🙂

      • ХЕДЪР, obviously Bulgaria wasn’t part of USSR. Stalin announced war to Bulgaria on Sep 5, 1944 and occupied it on Sep 9, 1944 for 45 years. He robbed everything worthy he decided and turned it in a colony/satellite, killing most of the Bulgarian intelligentsia (he was very good in this, of course).
        The “Monuments of the Soviet army” has nothing to do with the Monuments of the Russian army from the time of the Russo-Turkish war 1877-78. As part of Bulgaria got its actual independence from the Ottoman empire, even though as a side effect of the war, these monuments have been ever respected and never vandalized. Bulgarians built voluntarily these monuments. The war of 1877-78 is the reason for these “strong ties”. I am not sure I understand “it wasn’t invaded by it”: Bulgaria by USSR? Just take a look in any relevant textbook.

      • Yeah, Russia “friendly” helped Bulgarians the same way as they “helped” Poland during Warsaw uprising (“yeah, We’ll wait for you to bleed out when fighting german nazis and then we will invade you and shoot your freedom fighters”), the same way they “helped” polish officers in Katyń (bullet in back of head and burry in woods). So do’n be supprised that young citizens of country that received such “generous” help are against russian’s propaganda leftovers in their country and they show it.

        • Russians were also very “friendly” when they together with Hitler invaded Poland in September 1939 then Finland and further in June 1940 Latvia Estonia and Lithuania.

        • Why Soviets should help for Warsaw uprising and lost thousands of soldiers when Polish decided to do it without any coordination. Soviets saved Krakov if we will talk about Poland.

          As for Katyn. Just check what kind of cartridges were found there.

  33. Very creative. Personally, I like the Superman art and wouldn’t mind seeing the ‘Man of Steel’ dressed in something similar.

  34. The Bielskis never sought recognition for what they did.

    The Bielski partisans were an organization of Jewish partisans who rescued Jews from extermination and fought against the Nazi German occupiers and their collaborators in the vicinity of Nowogródek (Navahrudak) and Lida in German-occupied Poland (now western Belarus). They are named after the Bielskis, a family of Polish Jews who led the organization.

    Under their protection, 1,236 Jews survived the war, making it one of many remarkable rescue missions in the Holocaust.[1] The group spent more than two years living in the forests and was initially organised by members of the Bielski family.

  35. This paintings reflect the absurdity of the very existence of these monuments. The Soviets invaded the small country, without any German troops in it, and occupied it without any resistance. After that they asked the Bulgarians to build big “Monuments of the Soviet army”. After the collapse of the USSR, they are meeting places for the rudiments of the old regime and are hated by the normal young Bulgarians.

    • The Bulgarian leadership were incredibly opportunistic in terms of who they allied themselves to!

      “…Believing Hitler’s boasts that he had already won the war, King Boris chose to pitch his country’s tent on the Axis side of the war. Hitler needed a compliant Bulgaria through which to march his troops en route to offensives against both Yugoslavia and Greece. If the Germans were victorious in Greece, Bulgaria hoped, as a new war partner, to gain access itself to the Aegean by claiming Greek territory to its south.”

      Or this….
      “What were the motives for the Red Army occupation of Bulgaria?
      At that time, the Red Army was chasing the German troops to Berlin, thus passing through a large part of Europe. Bulgaria was an ally of the Third Reich from 1941 almost to the time when the Red Army entered its territory. The government of Ivan Bagrianov declared neutrality as late as 26 August 1944, although the country did not officially leave the Tripartite Pact. Thus, the Prime Minister tried to allow the German troops to retreat from the country in order to prevent its territory from turning into the scene of the epic clash between the two hostile forces. The Soviet government did not perceive this as sincere neutrality, believing that Bulgaria continued to support the Germans in this way. This was the main argument for the Soviet Union to declare war on Bulgaria on 5 September.”

  36. Oh wow lets see. Wolverine is a Canadian. Santa is Turkish. Superman is not even from earth. The Joker is a villain. Ronald McDonald is a Mascot… Robin has no super powers unless you count a mentors wealth as a super power, and Plastic Solider Cap is good.

  37. Bulgaria was a German ally, signing the Tripartite Pact on 1 March 1941, their main contribution being transit rights for German units involved against Yugoslavia and Greece. Bulgaria occupied portions of Greece and Yugoslavia to recreate the 19th century boundaries of Greater Bulgaria.

    • But Bulgaria did not let Hitler to kill their Jews. There was a big political tradeoff, and Bulgarians still praise king Boris for that.

  38. If only the author would know where that fricking courtain was! My country and all the other neighbouring countries were NEVER part of Iron courtain!

  39. Video preview shows the warrior painted in Ukrainian colors. The words under that are “Crimea 2014”, which is part of Ukraine occupied by Russia in 2014.

    Russia occupied Crimea and part of eastern Ukraine. There are more than ten thousand dead both military and civilians. There are still war out there.

  40. They are not painted like American Superheroes, they are painted like comic book characters, which is probably a worse insult!

    • American Superheroes; cartoon characters are one and the same thing!
      You think American superheroes actually exist as a separate entity? Interesting if so.

  41. I dont think we should take those sculptures down, even when its all ridicullous considering that soviet warcrimes were 100X worse than nazi warcrimes. But painting them is actually cool. It sends the message: we are not mayhemed by soviet atrocietes any more… We use it as modern art canvas! 🙂

    • The Soviets lost 20 million people to fighting the Nazis. If it weren’t for the Soviets you’d be living under Adolf Hitler or one of his henchmen today

      • Regarding to human rights etc, soviet communists were equally evil as german nazis. Stalin killed tens of millions of people on his gulags.

        But german nazis had a better economic system, being satellite states of soviet union make east europe much poorer.

        So, it would have been less bad for most east europeans to live under nazi rule than under soviet rule.

        • What profit do you get from comparing atrocities and concluding that some atrocities were “better” than others?

          Neither the Nazis nor the Soviets would have been / were good for any population. They both were run by murderous and evil men. Defending either is atrocious.

          • Then we should stop calling Alexander the “Great” …many died so that his empire would expand…heroes and villians are the same except heroes are the winners, villians are the losers.

        • Russia did lose a lot of people in WW II

          But, the Americans and Allies won the War against the Nazis and the Japanese Empire…the Russians were a small part of the effort…that was aided by massive American supplies of food, clothing, armaments etc..

          • Hahahaha, compare the distances Normandy-Berlin and Moscow-Berlin. The Russian Army advanced more than 2000 miles liberating the whole Eastern Europe and Balkans and the most of the German troops were engaged in the battles against the Red Army.

            • as citizen of poland i would say that Russia liberated any country on their way. yes, they defeated germans there, byt then they occupied all those conutries, robbed everything that was worth robbing, killed in brutal and inhuman way (see Katyń) those country army officers and than influenced their countries for a long time.

      • That’s not true. Germany was able to take so much land in WW2 because of the little involvement the UK and US had. The Soviets war crimes are actually a lot worse, they killed a few million of their own people. Here is the top 5, as you can see Hitler only stays in 3rd place:
        Mao: 40 million
        Stalin: 20 million
        Hitler: 12 million
        Leopold II: 10 million
        Tojo: 5 million

        • Genghis Khan tops any list at 50 million dead. One report said the earth actually cooled a little as the result of losing so many humans,

          • False..The Soviets and Stalin signed an agreement cooperating and joining with Hitler and the Nazis..From one scoundrel to another…Hitler turned on Stalin. Stalin was a maniac and paranoid who killed many of his own best generals and Red Army officers in paranoiac purges

            The turning point in both WW I and WW II was when the United States entered those Wars and lead the Allies in defeating Germany, Japan and the Axis Powers…The United States had to fight a 3 Front War: 1) Against the Empire of Japan across a huge sea area of the worlds oceans and far eastern countries and island nations and 2 fronts in Europe 1) N Africa through Sicily and Italy and 2) through France and Normandy..
            Without the help of the United States, both those wars would have been lost by the Allies.. and Russia would have been a German colony.

            • Really sad it that is what you believe in… States won the WW2 – bulsh*t! States earn on the war…
              Sad is that you thought that lie in your schools. When did US joined WW2, how many troops took part in it? what percentage? close to zero… so just shut up. US build it’s economy on the money they earned on war, no surprise US still trying to be engaged in as many wars as possible to gain economic interest.


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