As I flagged a couple of posts ago, Samorost created a whole new genre of trippy escape the room games. Haluz was a worthy follow up, as was Haluz 2.


BTW this GoPro thing is not new at all (see earlier post with eagle). Here is a post from a Hungarian blog that says it was invented by a German pharmacist called Julius Gustav Neubronner as early as 1852. He strapped his cameras on pigeons and won a lot of awards - but never a penny out of it....


Seems like we are having a peaceful evening.

Mugs with Hitler mistakenly sold in Germany

This could not have been a mistake though. They even drew his moustache (big photo here).

Kids With Guns

Kids with guns in the US telling what they are afraid of. Well, I am afraid of them...

Stonehenge in 3D

Walk around in Stonehenge in 3D. Luvly.

Lighter Than Air

Some really light photography from the world of balloons.

The Ikarus Office: Ultimate Eastern European Bus Modding

The Ikarus bus turned into something useful.

Xplore the Universe

Cool. I like the tour too.

The Great @ Map

How the @ sign is called around Europe.

3D Printed Buildings

The first houses that were actually printed!

Big shot gifs

Some cool old stereograms from a cool old stereogram artist from Hungary. And that's why I don't use a sidebar.