Neon Movie Posters in GIF

And there was light.

Taj Mahal Panoramas

Look around at the Taj Mahal with the help of these beautiful panoramas.

Dragon Lizard Plays Leaf Guitar

I'd never have thought that our post with the lizard on a sofa would have a sequel to it.

Amputee Makes Prosthetic Leg Out of Legos

Somebody played LEGO again, but this time it is somewhat different.

Piss-Proof Walls Introduced in Hamburg, Germany

Shit, I don't wanna piss my shoes.

Face Profile Illusion

Where are you looking man?

A Visual Compendium of Sneakers

How many have you had?

Incredible 3 Minute Art

Painting on speed.

The Face of Sidney Combines 160,000 Aussies

The faces of 160,000 Sidney residents morphed into one male and one female composite image.