My Goa Movie: Goa Trip in 1991


No, it’s not really mine, but Piers Cappara‘s, with whom we have just made friends with on this beast called Facebook. Turned out that he was the one who made the photo with the guys in the Millennium Falcon in our post on Goa Parties in 1992, and thanks to him we now backtrack our travel in the history of Goa trance by one year into 1991, to have this nice trip at the dawn of psytrance. Thanks Piers!


  1. Your a total idiot for bringing politics into this.

    Look at Syria, Yemen and the rest of the marginalized poor countries around Israel. They are killing each other but you bring up Israel on a peaceful psytance post…. F-witt Go troll the syrian trance webs sites

  2. ‘ They came in peace for ALL mankind. ‘ Today we live in a world far less innocent than it was back in 1992. Yet the message is more pertinent today than ever. It is time the entire world and the trance community boycotts Israel for their cruelty wreaked upon the Palestinian people especially their children. Over 550 kids were ruthlessly targeted and murdered in the last conflict. The nightmare continues today as Palestinian children and teenagers are rounded up in the dead of night and either murdered or locked away indefinitely. This is in gross violation of human rights and is downright evil. On one side of the fence humans have no water to drink because Israel has cut off their drinking water supply, on the other revellers are dancing under water cannons to Raja Ram and Laughing Buddha. In my opinion this stinks and is totally insensitive. It is time the trance community banded together in support of the Palestinian people instead of turning a blind eye to their suffering. How about a trance festival in Gaza ? All proceeds could go towards the reconstruction of their ravaged and diminished lands. It is time for a conscience. After all , ‘ They came in peace for ALL mankind ‘.

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