Man as Industrial Palace

Learn more about this illustration and see it animated below the original (click to enlarge).

Man as Industrial Palace3

In 1926, German writer and artist Fritz Kahn came up with his famous Der Mensch als Industriepalast (Man as Industrial Palace) analogy. If I remember well from my time spent in libraries as a child, this guy had to do with sex education too. At least inasmuch as his illustrations compartmentalized the body’s functions in great detail, brilliantly depicting human physiology through analogies with an industrial factory.

In 2006, German visual communication and animation student Henning Lederer discovered Kahn’s poster and decided to turn it into motion graphics. Lederer explores human physiology in six cycles — five representing the five main biological systems, and one melding them together into the complex human factory Kahn had envisioned. See the animation below this picture:

Man as Industrial Palace-systems

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