Is this Art or Vandalism?


Brad Downey creates his illegal artworks by ‘modding’ everyday objects like pavement tiles, road signs and bicycles in a surreal manner, resulting in some visually arresting scenes. Talking of arresting, Brad has had ‘run-ins with police while working in cities ranging from London to Amsterdam’, as his art and ‘guerilla marketing projects’ straddle the border between art and vandalism. Or not? What do you think?

art-or-vandalism-illegal-public-art-2 art-or-vandalism-illegal-public-art-3 art-or-vandalism-illegal-public-art-4 art-or-vandalism-illegal-public-art-5 art-or-vandalism-illegal-public-art-6 art-or-vandalism-illegal-public-art-7 art-or-vandalism-illegal-public-art-8 art-or-vandalism-illegal-public-art-9 art-or-vandalism-illegal-public-art-10 art-or-vandalism-illegal-public-art-11

via Design Taxi


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