Is Free Energy Near?


Will energy ever be free? Well, according the sources you can check out below, it certainly will. Others cry hoax. So are energy companies and polticians keep deceiving us and killing the world, or is there no other solution? Check out the videos below and decide for yourself…

1. Supposedly, this is Nikola Tesla’s legacy. Alternating magnetic fields regenerate themselves, but you need to feed the system in order to begin the cycle.


2. Can you generate enough free power from a recycled washing machine to live off the grid?


3. Wood stove runs a generator, produces gasoline, runs a fridge and heats hot water at the same time.

4. Free energy generator – outside – filmed in one take.


5. Every day we have tons of paper sent to us in the mail, boxes that our food is packaged in and in my case, lots of beer packaging. This video shows you how to turn all that paper into something very useful, a way to heat your home for free.


  1. For time now the use of Solar panels are actually recognized as a green energy resource and along with other
    initiatives, free us from your quite high usage of coal and oil.
    Creative financing choices are set up that really help homeowners adopt their unique solar powered energy systems.
    This makes the roll-out of alternative fuels unfortunately a necessity in the foreseeable future.

  2. I beg to differ, I am sorry but over the last century many thing thought to be impossible are now very possible . and theories are being disproved every day, do you have a smart phone, just think how it works and what you had 25 years ago.
    No free energy is out there its only time and ingenuity that will find the answer. Who ever thought we could run a car on water, We can NOW.

    • We are already… we used to dump in a pint or two of ethanol, called HEET… to rid our carburetor equipped cars of water, which we might get in gasoline of 40 + years back… Now, with the use of ethanol, our fuel injected cars, actually run on the water they add to gasoline, and with the use of ethanol it is absorbed and burned. It is one of the reasons, older cars suffer so from the effects of the use of such fuel. Rusted tanks, rotted rubber parts, stuck valves, etc.

  3. Everyone, repeat after me: “free energy violates the Laws of Thermodynamics and is therefore impossible.”

    • Free as in free of cost, not energy. Of course there’s no way to harvest free energy, but it’s definitely possible to cut out the cost of energy consumption.

    • Free as in free of cost, not energy. Of course there’s no way to harvest free energy, but it’s definitely possible to cut out the cost of energy consumption. It’s not really fair to charge someone for their usage of renewable resources, is it? Those that charge for it just want more money, so finding a way to get that out is a worthwhile effort in my opinion.

    • “Free” as in no cost to me, there’s lots of it about, solar, wind, waves, etc. etc.and the power of the magnetic energy has yet to be successfully harnessed, but it’s there waiting for some bright spark to work out how.

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