Have They Found a New Planet?


No, this is a worn out frying pan photographed by Christopher Jonassen as part of his Devour project, but is indeed very much related to the world (as we know it). Jonassen writes:

“Devour” is a poetic comment on the downfall of the world as we know it. The photographs investigate a series of used frying-pans and the wear and tear they have encountered over the course of their lives.

See more of these planets of artistic freedom below.

pans_that_look_like_planets_291214_2 pans_that_look_like_planets_291214_3 pans_that_look_like_planets_291214_4 pans_that_look_like_planets_291214_5 pans_that_look_like_planets_291214_6 pans_that_look_like_planets_291214_7 pans_that_look_like_planets_291214_8 pans_that_look_like_planets_291214_9 pans_that_look_like_planets_291214_10


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