Goa Parties in 1992

Photo by Piers Ciappara

After all those earlier posts on the reunion of the original Goa tribe, the 70’s Goa scene, and a complete Goa DJ set from the 80’s, what other choice did we have than to continue our journey in the history of goa trance into the 90’s? To do this, we found three interesting Goa Dj sets from the year of 1992, right before my friends and myself started playing goa ourselves. The first two come with some interesting but bad quality VHS footage, and I included the third one because it shows the transition from the 80’s to the 90’s really well (and I just adore that photo of the guys in the Millennium Falcon:) Ultimately, all three videos show us the transition from rock to techno, and credits go to COGOA for all three of them.



Here’s another picture from Piers regarding this last one (click images to enlarge):

Photo by Piers Ciappara



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