Found This at Bottom of Cardbox While Clearing Junk from my Bro’s Basement

Imagine discovering this at the bottom of some old card box while helping your bro to clear the junk from his basement. Well, that’s exactly what happened to us today.


When we gathered this morning to help my bro clear the junk from his basement we were all aware that it would be a painful job but never reckoned it could become that creepy.

An alien mummy…? Do you recognize…?

The below pictures were taken by me after I figured out how to switch on the flashlight on my bro’s phone which he was too shocked to use as a photographic device after opening that wicked cardbox. The last 2 photos were taken on the street where we were piling up the junk to be taken away.

found-this-at-bottom-of-box-while-house-clearing-2 found-this-at-bottom-of-box-while-house-clearing-3 found-this-at-bottom-of-box-while-house-clearing-4


  1. What about a deformed fetus? Abortion was frowned upon even more long ago than it is today. Though it may or may not be the case here, until Roe vs. Wade IN the U.S. every single baby concieved,even products of rape, incest or just a normal unwed mother with a Pius or ‘normal’ family was expected ( outwardly) to be born. Now comes the creepier part… So, as with most issues that ban rights, anti-abortion laws classified you as a childkiller. Imagine going through a miscarriage only to have a crappy doctor say you did something wrong… So abortions went nasty and underground and it was NOT AT ALL UNCOMMON for people to find small ‘shoebox coffins’ the sad or fearful mothers would make stuffed into rafters of a pre 1970 home. Yes, sometimes the girl would sabotage the pregnancy, but worse even, some were forced to abort,but, either way she would be forced to keep it a secret. Look up pictures of ‘found mummified fetuses’ & you will see similar pictures. ‘Mummification’ happens especially when the area the item is kept in is arid & dry mostly, like an attic. The creepiest is when the ex-mother/someone wraps it up in newspaper, so you get to see the approx date. Keep abortion legal & safe, is my only solution to this creepy box baby problem. But it’s plausible and also WAY CREEPY.

  2. I’d like to seriously address the issue a person would have that would make them want to collect dead things. Think about it people, it’s not what it is but who the fuck would keep it?


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