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Cool Street Art From Paris

Great moddings on Paris by Oak Oak, one of its inhabitants.

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  1. asif saeed

    very amazing and creative i m impressed

  2. Lily Earhart

    Good Post….. All the images in this post are amazing and incredible.

    • Spacemaker

      Thanks Lily, we’re glad you like it.:)

  3. Justin Drake

    Brilliant! I love learning about the world around me while being thoroughly entertained in the process. Good stuff! 🙂

  4. Sarah

    This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Eddy

    wow i like it all especially the one that says I love you … keep it up

  6. Stick n Stuck

    Love the pictures 🙂 Hope to a lot more in the future

  7. Reklam Çanta

    Woow. Really good photos. #reklamçanta

  8. Melissa Malone

    It would be lovely to live where people actually “live”
    And life can have surprises if you just look

  9. yasser


    • Spacemaker


      • Spacemaker

        (hope Google Translator works well:)

        • Amy

          No it’s not 🙂

          • Spacemaker

            God, what did I write?

  10. crushmymugshot

    I’m impressed, I must say. Really seldom do I learn a weblog that is equally educational and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    • Spacemaker

      Crushmymugshot, thanks a lot for your kind words, really appreciated!

    • whoami?

      My favorite is the cheshire cat and the people pushing the crosswalk stripes, keep it up buddy!

  11. Mark In The Dark

    Sideshow Bob… my fave…. cool art!

  12. Neuschwanstein-Fan

    i love you looks cool

  13. Fox

    My 2 favorites were Sideshow Bob and Bruce Lee.

  14. Jennifer

    I love these! Super creative and some are just very cute.

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  16. Laura

    This is awesome. Love that the street are has so much humor 🙂

  17. JL

    Thanks for showing. I love the fact that most are small works,clever and colourful.

  18. Rachel

    I’m sorry, but I can’t count it as street art when it wasn’t painted or drawn on in any way. Those are clearly paper printouts he is placing around the city. It’s clever yes, but it’s not art.

    • helene

      why would you not count that as art? does the definition of art specify on the material? slinkachu leaves little plastic figures all over the city – isn’t that art either? art does not have to be painted.

      • Spacemaker

        Yes, I think I agree with you Helene. Art is the concept, and not the means – ideally.

    • Niklas Wester

      What is art anyway? And who are you to decide?

    • Daisy

      How is it not art?
      Think about what you say.. and then don’t say it.

    • xOfi

      art works on paper, too
      anyway, it was drawn digitally…

  19. Brianna Brroks

    Really an awesome collections..

  20. Guven

    Different perspective. Creative

  21. Keisha Salmon (@KEISHAinc)

    I have a Brooklyn Street Art series at my site at Street art is the best!

  22. Funvblog

    Wow simply superb collection of street art pics. Thanks for sharing

  23. Tiffany

    That is awesome street art!

  24. Tiffany

    I wish I could see these here in LA. Maybe in Downtown?

  25. Bobkat

    I love the imagination of this artist. come to UK and brighten our days with images like these.

  26. Phil Schifley

    Paris street art rocks. I spent a week there in 2010 chasing down all these Space Invaders before I knew who he was.

  27. Food S.

    So exciting art. Outstanding!!

  28. hasnain

    very nice and just awesome i am very much impressed keep publishing

    • Spacemaker

      Thanks, we want more OakOak too!

  29. Sherri

    The French always do it with class.

  30. xOfi

    I would like to see those and/or similar ones around me 🙂

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