Amazing Visual Comparison of How Planets Rotate & Tilt

There are some huge differences in rotational speed and axis.

Amazing Footage from the Surface of a Comet

Yes, you read it well, footage from the surface of a comet!

Human Gaze and Foot Placement When Walking Over Rough Terrain

It is interesting to see how much eye movement walking on rough terrain involves.

Latitude Comparison of North America and Europe/North Africa

In terms of latitudes, most of Europe is in Canada.

The Mona Lisa’s Distribution of Pixels

Wow, the transformation is amazing.

Watch a Motorcycle Chariot Race from the 1920s

Motorcycle chariot racing was extremely popular during the 1920s and 1930s. The chariots were made from wine barrels with automobile wheels attached to them and with motorcycles in front and “charioteers” wearing roman era inspired costumes. Go Caesar, go!
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