Football Fan Map of London

Where the supporters of different London football typically reside.

Olympic Evolution: Participation of Nations in the Summer Olympics Since 1896

How the Olympics has grown to become a world culture phenomenon.

The Amazon Fires Are So Big They Can Be Seen from Space

NASA has released images from space showing the incredible extent of the fires.

Where People Run in Major Cities Around the US

There are many exercise apps that allow you to keep track of your running, riding, and other activities. Now, a lot of people make their workouts public on a variety of services, and Nathan Yau used this data to map what routes people around the US use for their jogging. No surprises there (we mostly use river banks and lakesides to...

Soccer Shirts Made Out Of Cigarette Boxes

Finally a good use for those boxes.

Soccer Shirts Made Out Of Cigarette Boxes

British artist Leo Fitzmaurice has created a great series of old recycled cigarette boxes that was been creatively turned into soccer jerseys. Finally, a good use for cigarettes. ...

Watch a Motorcycle Chariot Race from the 1920s

Motorcycle chariot racing was extremely popular during the 1920s and 1930s. The chariots were made from wine barrels with automobile wheels attached to them and with motorcycles in front and “charioteers” wearing roman era inspired costumes. Go Caesar, go!

If Your Country Get Beaten, So Will She

The Football World Cup has a dark side to it...

If Your Country Get Beaten, So Will She

Yeah, I knew football could stir emotions, but emotions so strong? According to data by the National Centre for Domestic Violence, domestic violence increases 26% when England play and 38% if they lose. WTF? And it happens in other countries too. Does it happen in yours?
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