How The Original Star Wars Trilogy Fooled Everyone With Matte Paintings

Zoom in on painters at work on the set of the original Star Wars trilogy.

The Ever Changing History of Change Management

Well, here is how change management has changed over the years for humans living on Planet Earh. This infographic by WorkZ shows how easily we change the ways we manage changes.

Guy Turns Thrift Store Painting Into Lord of the Rings Scene

Apparently, there is a trend whereby people buy old thrift old paintings and turn them into something else (see this earlier post of ours, for example). Whether or not this is acceptable practice is an open question, but the metamorphosis of this one is remarkable.

Amazing Photos That Accidentally Look Like Renaissance Art

Does the Golden Ratio make these photos golden?

Amazing Photos That Accidentally Look Like Renaissance Art

Do you remember our post about the crazy New Year’s Eve photo from Manchester that looks like a Renaissance masterpiece? Or the one about a fight in the Ukrainian parliament that, again, looks like Renaissance art? Apparently, this whole craze called Accidental Renaissance was started by Guardian journalist Ben Beaumont-Thomas a couple of years ago, when he simply pointed out how some of the...

Best of the World’s sTREEt Art

Banksy's classic and other excellent wall treetments.

Best of the World’s sTREEt Art

City walls with a hint of nature on or behind them have inspired a lot of street artists, and as the pictures below attest, some of the results are awesome. Our favorite is of course Banksy's classic, with all its humor and simplicity, but there are a lot of other wall treetments in the premier league too.

Guy Goes to Museum and Hacks Classical Paintings with Faceapp

One day this guy @Ollyog thought that the paintings and sculptures in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam could be made much happier. So he went there armed with FaceApp to brighten up those sombre looks. Wow, finally a good use for FaceApp...

Flattened View of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo (With Explanations)

Just back from seeing this. I wish we'd had this little aid with us.
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