Shakespearean Insult Genrator

I've played with it for quite a while, lol.

Shakespearean Insult Genrator

Here's something to cheer you up thou spongy rude-growing pignut!

Can You Find the Woman in These Pictures?

Can you spot the woman at work?

Can You Find the Woman in These Pictures?

Finding women at work in technology, science or politics shouldn't be this hard. According to Egypt's Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, women’s participation in the labour force has been low and stagnant around 23 percent - and even much lower in these 3 areas. To highlight the issue, UN Women Egypt and DDB Dubai launched the Finding Her initiative, with...

Alien Collectible Trading Cards from 1979

He must be a retired space jockey, like me. He is in a bad shape though.

Alien Collectible Trading Cards from 1979

When the first Alien movie came out, it's blend of science fiction and horror made it a blockbuster. But isn't an R-rated film a strange choice for a set of trading cards? Luckily, that didn't stop Topps from turning the idea into reality. ...

8-Bit Computer Collectible Trump Cards

The trump cards game that pits server CPUs against each other probably remains the geekiest card game around, but how about a round of these Retro Computer Collectible Cards, which gather the various personal computers of the 70s and 80s into a trumps deck that you can play with other retro computing fans. Retro Computer Collectible Cards started as a Kickstarter campaign...

Nintendo: Now You’re Playing With Power!

Younger earthlings may be unaware of this: when Nintendo launched its video game console called the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in North America in 1985, the video game industry was a mess. Arcades in the US had collapsed, Atari was in trouble, ColecoVision had started to exit the video game industry and Intellivision owned by Mattel was also suffering....

Parents Create Funny Scenes With Toy Dinosaurs While Their Kids Are Asleep

This is what creative parenting is about. The bondage scene is gross though. I wouldn't want to wake up to that if I was a child...

Beardlands: The Paths You Can Take from Fully Bearded to Clean Shaven

The (maze) of things you can do when you wake up to having one of those huge hipster lumberjack beards. This great infographic by Kerry Thomas could come in really handy when such an outrage happens...
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