Land Required for Animal Based Diet vs Plant Based Diet

Could it save the planet if we all went vegan?

What You Should Know About Vegetarianism

If you are vegi-curious, check this out.

Number of Insects You Consume Annually

Wait till you see how many insects you drink with your coffee...

Number of Insects You Consume Annually

You might give up on some foods after you read this.

Shakespearean Insult Genrator

Here's something to cheer you up thou spongy rude-growing pignut!

BananArts: Cool Banana Sculptures by iSteef

Apparently, noone ever told Stephan Brusche not to play with his food, but that’s perfectly OK with us. After all, these delicious pieces of art can still be eaten, so why not?

The Chemistry of Different Foods

Some chemical advice from us for an Earthly Christmas.
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