Dog Breeds Ranked by Temperament

Dogs are of course all individuals but...

Vintage Map Shows Dog Breeds of the World in 1936

Some of the specimens depicted here differ quite a bit from their modern counterparts.

A Guide To Dog-To-Dog Greetings

This can come in very handy when taking your dog for a walk.

How to Find a Lost Dog

Hm, seems interesting. Do you think it could work?

How Not to Greet a Dog

Have I done it wrong...

How Not to Greet a Dog

I've always loved dogs but I've always done it wrong... Thanks Lili Chin for the heads up (hands down).

This Russian Made Muzzle Turns Your Toy Dog Into a Werewolf

Afraid of walking your toy dog in the woods at night? Why don't you turn 'em into a werewolf? This Russian-designed dog muzzle sells for about 30 USD and does exactly that. You can buy it here (not sure about international shipping though).

How to Train Your Dog to Sit and Stay

Just what we need to do now with our Komondor called Radar.
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