Why Haven’t We Found Aliens?

Earthlings, here is my take on it: you have.

Actual Anatomy of the Sarlacc Pit

I've always tried to stay out of this thing.

Actual Anatomy of the Sarlacc Pit

Scientific analysis has answered questions about many lifeforms in the galaxy, but some creatures continue to defy analysis. Or no? No. Now we even have Sarlacc from Star Wars analyzed.

Alien Collectible Trading Cards from 1979

He must be a retired space jockey, like me. He is in a bad shape though.

Alien Collectible Trading Cards from 1979

When the first Alien movie came out, it's blend of science fiction and horror made it a blockbuster. But isn't an R-rated film a strange choice for a set of trading cards? Luckily, that didn't stop Topps from turning the idea into reality. ...

How Scientists Visualized REAL Flying Saucer Men in 1951

Earthlings, here's an interesting article from the June 1951 issue of Mechanix Illustrated. 'When scholars of the universe recreate spacemen along logical scientific lines, even those supposed weird little saucerites seem ordinary by comparison.' Indeed, they had a point but...

Nintendo: Now You’re Playing With Power!

Younger earthlings may be unaware of this: when Nintendo launched its video game console called the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in North America in 1985, the video game industry was a mess. Arcades in the US had collapsed, Atari was in trouble, ColecoVision had started to exit the video game industry and Intellivision owned by Mattel was also suffering....

How Aliens Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2018

Check out what we ufonauts are up to tonight. We wish you fun for the New Year earthlings.

How Aliens Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2018

Here we go again. It's New Year's Eve. We'll soon be in the future. Our similar posts from previous years might have given you an idea of how we, ufonauts on a mission to extract the juice of the Internet, celebrate New Year's Eve. It ain't gonna be different this year either. As you can see, we are warming up...

UFO Sightings in the United States

9:10 pm. High time for UFO activity.
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