These Creative LEGO Constructions Interact With Their Environment

Somebody played LEGO again, and played it well.

These Creative LEGO Constructions Interact With Their Environment

These incredibly creative LEGO constructions spring to life in two advertising campaigns developed by Asawin Tejasakulsin, a senior art director at Ogilvy & Mather in Bangkok, Thailand. The two series, Imagine and Build the Future, magnify the childhood wonder so central to the Lego brand, creating playful scenarios that literally interact with reality. via Colossal

Why You Are Dutch

This is not double dutch to me.

Creative Billboards from Around the World

These incredibly creative billboards from around the world made me like ads for a few seconds.

Far Away is Closer Than You Think

See how wasted energy and waste itself kills the climate and leads to ecological disasters. Far away is closer than you think.

Houses Stand Empty While Homelessness Grows

Seen so many of those empty buildings around, and even more homeless people. Why do the two never come together?

What VR Ads Would Have Looked Like in the 80s

Some of those guys down there could have stayed alive with this kind of goggles.
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