Capsule Homes in Japan


Living in a capsule with an unopened bottle of champaigne and a surgical mask on? No, thanks, not for me. Yet, this seems to be the only option for long term dwellers of a hidden hotel in Tokyo that was originally designed as a guesthouse for backpackers. No, it’s not like capsule hotels that have been all the rage in Japan. Won Kim captured something much more striking in his series “Enclosed : Living Small”. These are capsules for permanent residents.

capsule-homes-japan-2 capsule-homes-japan-3 capsule-homes-japan-4 capsule-homes-japan-5 capsule-homes-japan-6 capsule-homes-japan-7 capsule-homes-japan-8 capsule-homes-japan-9 capsule-homes-japan-10 capsule-homes-japan-11 capsule-homes-japan-12 capsule-homes-japan-13

via Demilked


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