Stonehenge in 3D

Walk around in Stonehenge in 3D. Luvly.

Lighter Than Air

Some really light photography from the world of balloons.

The Ikarus Office: Ultimate Eastern European Bus Modding

The Ikarus bus turned into something useful.

Xplore the Universe

Cool. I like the tour too.

The Great @ Map

How the @ sign is called around Europe.

3D Printed Buildings

The first houses that were actually printed!

Big shot gifs

Some cool old stereograms from a cool old stereogram artist from Hungary. And that's why I don't use a sidebar.  


A guy called Martin Vargic has produced a very detailed map of the Internet in vintage style. On the largest resolution version you can even see the smallest companies of the 499 listed.

When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?

Now who is this little fairy girl? Well, Franklin Delanore Roosevelt. Read story here.

Walking Contest

I guess we all have been there. This guy seems to be everywhere...

Kiss of the Turtle

This is why you should never start kissing with an alligator snapping turtle. Or only in case you were considering botox treatment for your lips...

The Smithsonian in 3D

Look around in the Smithsonian, virtually. Follow the arrows.
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