All the Exoplanets Discovered So Far

This amazing and very detailed infographic by Slovakian graphic artist Martin Vargic shows the incredible variety of over 500 exoplanets that have been discovered between 1988 and October 2015 (click to enlarge and see explanation below).


From left to right, the exoplanets increase in temperature, while from bottom to top, the exoplanets increase in density. All of the known classes of exoplanets are represented in the graphic, such as super-Earths, hot Jupiters, hot Neptunes, water worlds, gas dwarfs or superdense diamond planets.

Perhaps what’s most exciting about exoplanets is the possibility they harbor life. What’s even more crazy to think about is the possibility that the universe has barely even started creating exoplanets. Recent estimates from NASA and Kepler space telescopes suggest 92% of potentially habitable planets in the universe are yet to be born. Looks like this poster in a trillion years will be even much bigger than this.

via IFL Science


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