Monthly Archives: June 2017

All the World’s Immigration Visualized in One Interactive Map

That's really informative and spectacular at the same time.

Plants That Survive Wildfires – Animated

Don't you play with me, cause you play with fire.

How We Started Using the Internet

Haha, I'm an Internet pioneer after all.

Live Fish Photographed Inside Jellyfish

The look on its face says it all...

Synthesizer Nostalgia 1970-1987

Where does the fat sound of Depeche Mode come from? What did Vangelis use in the '70s? Here you have them all.

The Glory Days of Trailers

Our ancestors knew what trailers are really for.

Different Levels of Ninjas

Where is the last ninja?

Recent Word Creations and Their Meanings, Part 2

Let's do a little sexorcism so that you get over your boregasm.
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