Monthly Archives: April 2017

Best Anti-Smoking Ad Ever

Wait till you've smoked 'em all...

Teen (Gang) Slang in 1961 from Ace to Zips

Hey little bird, pick up. Drop that ace and jump in your gorilla vine.

How to Irritate Different European Nationals With Just One Sentence

Are you a European national? Do you agree with the results?

Which Dictator Killed the Most People in History

The winner has a body count of 78 million. Manslaughter on an industrial scale.

Largest Swimming Pool in the World

You won't believe what's in it.

Cool Vintage Map of Hollywood

It gets bigger and bigger...

How China is Ripping Off the Rest of the World’s Cars

Haha, China is the worst copycat, I mean, copycar of the world.

Google’s Interactive Music Timeline: The History of Music Genres by Popularity

Interested in how the popularity of your favourite music genre/band has changed over the years?

How Animals Will Need to Migrate to Survive Climate Change

This looks so sad and amazing at the same time...

The Brutally Honest MBTI Chart

Which loathsome waste of oxygen are you?
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